Achieve each other!Qualcomm to supply chips for BMW’s self-driving cars

Yesterday, Qualcomm announced that BMW will use Qualcomm’s chips in its next-generation driver assistance and autonomous driving systems.

A BMW spokesman said the new chips from Qualcomm will be used in its “Neue Klasse” line of cars, which will begin production in 2025.

“Neue Klasse” is a milestone project in BMW’s transition to electrification, digitalization and autonomous driving.

Qualcomm and BMW will use dedicated Qualcomm Computational Vision Processors to analyze data from front, rear and surround view cameras. BMW will also use Qualcomm central processing units and another Qualcomm chip to help cars communicate with cloud computing data centers.

Qualcomm, the world’s largest supplier of mobile phone chips, has been looking to diversify its business. Automotive chips are a key growth area for Qualcomm, which has been challenging self-driving chips. The cooperation between Qualcomm and BMW will help promote the diversification of Qualcomm’s business.

It is worth noting that TrendForce recently released the revenue ranking of the top ten IC design companies in the world in the second quarter of 2021.

Among them, Qualcomm ranks first in terms of revenue. Driven by the still considerable demand for 5G high-end and flagship models from major mobile phone manufacturers, its processor and RF front-end departments have experienced strong revenue growth; The continuous demand for remote work and teaching caused by the epidemic has made the IoT division’s revenue of nearly US$1.4 billion, becoming another major revenue driver of Qualcomm, driving its revenue in the second quarter to US$6.47 billion, an annual growth rate of 70%. %.

In addition, according to public announcements, BMW’s October sales were better than expected, and November sales got off to a good start. According to the announcement, the company’s third-quarter net profit rose 42.4% to 2.58 billion euros (2.93 billion US dollars). Gulas Peter, the company’s chief financial officer, said it expects BMW to earn a profit forecast of 9.5% to 10.5% this year. (Cover image source:


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