Ambarella CV2FS/CV22FS obtained ASIL C chip functional safety certification, surpassing the level of similar chips in the market

Ambarella CV2FS/CV22FS obtained ASIL C chip functional safety certification, surpassing the level of similar chips in the market

[Introduction]On June 7, 2022, Santa Clara, California, USA, Ambarella (hereinafter referred to as “Ambarella”, NASDAQ: AMBA, a semiconductor company focusing on AI visual perception) announced today that its automotive AI visual perception chip (SoC) CV2FS/CV22FS successfully passed exida’s ASIL C chip functional safety certification and obtained the certificate, and its built-in functional safety island is ASIL D level. The functional safety level of CV2FS/CV22FS is more stringent than the ASIL B level typically used for AI SoCs for forward-looking ADAS to L4 autonomous driving. With the CV2FS/CV22FS chip, OEMs and Tier-1s can more easily improve the functional safety level of the system, shorten the time to market, improve AI computing performance, and reduce costs and power consumption.

Ambarella CV2FS/CV22FS obtained ASIL C chip functional safety certification, surpassing the level of similar chips in the market

exida is a leading global product certification and intellectual property company specializing in functional safety assessment of automotive and automation systems, alarm management, cyber security assessment and product testing certification. exida provides assistance and guidance to customers on the implementation of functional safety standards and other standards. The exida certified Ambarella chip CV2FS/CV22FS complies with the ASIL C requirements of the ISO 26262 automotive functional safety standard, including: ASIL C-level system capability based on the chip development process compliant with ISO 26262; ASIL C diagnostic coverage based on the safety mechanism embedded in the chip; Evaluate a design’s ability to detect and control random hardware failures.

Alexander Griessing, COO of exida, said: “Congratulations to Ambarella chip CV2FS/CV22FS for obtaining ISO 26262 ASIL C functional safety certification. When Ambarella designed this chip, it fully complies with ASIL C functional safety requirements from hardware design to software development process. , and added various functional safety mechanisms to a large number of integrated self-developed IPs.”

Chan Lee, COO of Ambarella, said: “Ambarella chip CV2FS/CV22FS can obtain high-level certification, thanks to the fact that we have incorporated automotive functional safety into the CVflow® AI chip design process from the beginning of the chip design, rather than many other chips. Manufacturers do not transform it until later. Through this method combined with our self-research focus (including the industry-leading ISP image processing and AI hardware acceleration engine CVflow), Ambarella is more advanced in designing the highest ASIL-level chip architecture than the same The industry has an advantage.”

The Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) is a risk classification system defined by the ISO 26262 standard for the functional safety of road vehicles. The standard includes four ASIL levels, from A to D, with D the highest functional safety requirements for products and A the lowest. The ASIL certification level is assessed by conducting a risk analysis of potential hazards and evaluating the severity, exposure probability and controllability of various hazards under various vehicle operating conditions. The letter levels are assigned based on the handling of these hazards and the safety objectives defined by the standard for each ASIL level. Previously, the chip functional safety level of the mainstream visual AI SoC in the industry generally did not exceed the B level, although its functional safety island can reach the D level.

The flexible CV2FS design embodies the Ambarella algorithm-first philosophy, providing not only an AI SoC tailored for forward-facing monocular and binocular stereo vision ADAS cameras, but also a computer vision support for L2+ and higher-level autonomous driving systems ECUs, AI accelerators for automotive domain controllers, Electronic mirrors with blind spot detection (BSD), and in-cabin driver and cabin monitoring (DMS and OMS) systems. Not only does Ambarella help customers achieve their product functional safety goals with ASIL C certification, but it also provides a unified software architecture across its entire CVflow family of products. This allows OEMs and Tier-1s to expand their product lines with higher-level safety features while retaining their original software development investment.

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Ambarella AI SoCs CV2FS/CV22FS are now available for sampling and mass production. For more information, please contact Ambarella:

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