Ams won the title of outstanding semiconductor company in GSA EMEA region

In 2019, semiconductor “target=”_blank”>ams won multiple industry awards in Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States

China, December 31, 2019, the world’s leading high-performance sensor solutions provider ams (ams AG, Swiss stock exchange stock code: AMS) announced that it won the world’s most important industry in 2019 Awards. Relying on its vision, technology and market leadership, ams was named an outstanding semiconductor company by the Global Semiconductor Alliance, and CEO Alexander Everke was named the world’s best manager of the year at the AspenCore Global CEO Summit held in Shenzhen recently.

As ams has become a global leader in sensor solutions and optics, its global design engineering team, including 18 design centers in Europe, Asia and the United States, won the “Best Design and Design of the Year” at the Sensor Expo. Engineering team” title.

Alexander Everke, CEO of ams, said: “Our team has always focused on future solutions and is committed to promoting innovation and creating differentiated products for an increasingly interconnected world. These important awards are for our employees’ dedication and hard work. Recognition of the work. This honor belongs to them, and we are very proud to be able to use the experience of our global professional staff to help our customers succeed.”

Sensor technology innovation to create a better life-ams won many important technology awards in 2019

Ams Semiconductor’s ToF sensor TMF8701 won the Best Sensor Innovation Award at the Sensor Expo. The sensor can perform highly accurate distance measurement at extremely high speeds.

Ams Semiconductor AS7341 won AspenCore’s Global Electronic Achievement Award-Sensor Product of the Year Award. This multi-channel spectral sensor uses an ultra-small package for color analysis, automatic white balance and color matching.

In addition, ams has also won multiple technology awards in China and other different regions, which is a recognition of its outstanding product portfolio. Among them are the time-of-flight (ToF) sensor system TMF8801 of Ams Semiconductor in a single module package, which was rated as an innovative product and technology by Chinese electronics enthusiasts, the CMV50000 CMOS image sensor was rated as the annual smart manufacturing solution by EEPW, and the AS8579 steering wheel manual driving/ The autonomous driving detection system was awarded the Automotive Technology Innovation Award by China Fogo AI Media.

All members of ams are very proud of this, and thank their global team for their dedication and unremitting efforts to improve people’s daily lives and develop new technologies.

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