Apple responds to South Korea’s proposed ban on app store commissions: users are at risk for undermining privacy protection

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Beijing time on August 25 news, South Korea’s National Assembly Legislative and Judiciary Committee is expected to approve an amendment to the telecommunications business law known as the “anti-Google law”, which prohibits app store operators such as Google and Apple from using their monopoly positions to develop A commission is taken from the user’s in-app purchase revenue.

Apple said the bill would put those who buy digital goods from other sources at risk of being defrauded, undermining their privacy protections and making it difficult for them to manage their purchases. Apple said it believed the proposal would lead to a decline in users’ trust in buying items from the App Store, reducing access to the more than 482,000 registered developers in South Korea. So far, Korean developers’ cooperation with Apple has generated more than 8.55 trillion won in revenue for them. Google has yet to comment.

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