China Mobile officially announced that users who have not changed their numbers for 10 years can enjoy these “4 major privileges”

In today’s society, mobile phones have basically become a must-have tool for everyone. Now when people go out, they only need to bring a mobile phone and can do a lot of things. It must be said that the emergence of mobile phones has greatly changed our lives today.

To use a mobile phone, you must have a calling card. The three major operators we know are China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom. When people choose calling cards, they will also choose according to their preferences. Some people will choose mobile, some people will choose China Unicom, and some people will choose telecommunications. When people choose an operator, they will also consider the advantages and disadvantages of the operator.

Speaking of these three operators, we can first talk about mobile. The mobile signal is generally good. After all, mobile coverage is relatively wide, including some remote areas, all have mobile networks.

In this way, the signal will be smoother, and it will be more popular with users. In addition, Mobile has always done a very good job in promoting itself. Brand and word of mouth, in the hearts of some users, are still very good. Not bad. The mobile audience is relatively large, and many people will give priority to mobile when choosing an operator.

Therefore, when people mention mobile phone operators, the first thing that comes to mind is mobile. I have to say, it was quite successful. Of course, many people have reported that they have installed mobile broadband in their homes, but the network speed will be relatively slow. This is also a problem with mobile, and I hope it can be improved as soon as possible in the future.

When it comes to telecommunications, around us, it seems that not many people use telecommunications cards. But it might just be that we don’t know. According to friends around me, the telecommunications signal is still very good. However, in terms of signal coverage, it is lower than mobile. Let’s talk about China Unicom, the signal of China Unicom is not very good, but the price of China Unicom card is relatively cheap, so there are quite a lot of people using it.

We also know that there is a competitive relationship between these three brands, so in terms of publicity, each has its own way. And generally speaking, new users of mobile phone cards can enjoy a lot of benefits. For old users, the benefits do not seem to be that many, so for many old customers, they often feel that the benefits are not very good.

In this regard, mobile users have also begun to provide some privileges for some old users who have not changed their numbers for ten years. Among them, these four privileges are still very good in general.

Privilege 1: Send traffic

We all know that in today’s society, people will have broadband coverage wherever they go. However, it is also very convenient to always ask for a password, so traffic is also very important. People are now very fond of Douyin, watching dramas, etc., which consume a lot of traffic. In response to these problems, Mobile provides free traffic to some old customers, so that the traffic of users will increase. I have to say, this is a very good strategy.

Privilege 2: Free broadband

As mentioned above, in today’s network-covered society, many families will install broadband, and then the whole family can use the Internet. So, broadband is very important. For these old customers who haven’t changed their numbers for ten years, China Mobile specially launched such an activity to help these old users install broadband for free and give away broadband. It has to be said that it has won the hearts of old users. After all, in this case, you can also save a sum of money for installing broadband before.

Privilege 3: Free Upgrade Package

We all know that after purchasing a calling card, you will choose a package package that includes phone bills and traffic. Here, for old users, Mobile can upgrade mobile packages for old users for free, increase the amount of traffic and call duration.

Privilege 4: It can still be used for a period of time after the shutdown

We all know that many people tend to forget to recharge their phone bills after a period of time after charging their phone bills. In this case, if the phone bills run out, they will face the embarrassing situation of downtime. For old mobile users, if they are down, they can use it for a while, so that they can recharge their phone bills, which is also a very humane decision.

To sum up, these are the four privileges that China Mobile specially introduced for the old customers who have not changed their numbers for ten years. It is not difficult to find that these privileges are also needed by people. It has to be said that the mobile is still very good.

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