Connect Art with AI!SenseTime Helps Singapore Metro Interactive Art Installation

Connect Art with AI!SenseTime Helps Singapore Metro Interactive Art Installation

Recently, SenseTime, an artificial intelligence platform company, once again connected target=”_blank”>AI and art to provide technical support for the interactive installation screen of smiling expressions in the 8th Singapore Art Week (SAW) 2020.

Singapore Art Week 2020 is a vibrant and iconic event in Singapore, bringing together artists from across Southeast Asia as well as art lovers from across the globe. Metro commuters can vote for their favourite artworks with their smiley emojis through interactive digital screens at City Hall MRT Station. This event fully combines technology and art, allowing the public to interact with artworks in unconventional spaces in a new way, demonstrating the innovative application of artificial intelligence technology in all walks of life.

Connect Art with AI!SenseTime Helps Singapore Metro Interactive Art Installation

Innovative and vivid interactive experience

The Smile2Vote application, developed by Grid Synergy, a Singapore-based creative media and technology company, uses a number of artificial intelligence technologies provided by SenseTime. Through facial expression recognition, the device can count the number of pedestrians, the number of people watching the screen, especially the number of people with smiling expressions. Computer vision algorithms recognize images and assess the presence or absence of smiling expressions. When these smile data are recognized, the voting results will be displayed on the screen, and a smile can be regarded as a successful vote. The system works with or without a network connection.

Huang Huayu, general manager of SenseTime Southeast Asia, said: “We are very pleased to introduce innovative interactive advertising solutions to this event with many partners such as Grid Synergy. SenseTime is honored to use AI technology to support this interactive experience event. Singapore’s local arts grow and thus contribute to local development. We hope this forward-looking project will change the perception of commuters and inspire the younger generation’s interest in art.”

Technology helps art enter daily life

SenseTime always insists on empowering different fields with leading AI technology and providing the source of innovation for the industry. In the field of art, a series of applications of SenseTime have brought culture and art to the daily life of ordinary people in a more recent and rich form, enriching the artistic experience.

At the end of 2019, SenseTime cooperated with the Forbidden City Culture to jointly create two interactive exhibition items, “Honored House Candidates” and “Confucius Temple Sacrifice Confucius” in the “Golden List Title” interactive exhibition, bringing the audience an immersive experience through ancient and modern times. Interactive Experience. Among them, in the exhibition of “House of Candidates”, SenseTime uses AI technology to capture and analyze 240 key points of the face. When the experiencer comes to the candidate who is studying hard in the cold window, they can “unify with their gods” , through the head movement to drive the examinee’s reading posture. The “Confucius Temple Sacrifice to Confucius” exhibition item adopts SenseTime’s gesture recognition, face recognition and other AI and AR technologies, which can carry out the interactive actions of ancient people’s “worship” and realize the seamless connection between virtual Confucius and the real world. Through the interactive exhibition experience, the audience will be personally immersed in Chinese traditional culture in a form that young people like to hear and see.

Earlier, Shangtang Technology also held the “Art × AI Series Art Exhibition – “Basic World: Intelligent Art” together with the Power Station of Art in Shanghai, and invited artist Li Yuanyuan to create a series of art works for the exhibition. The artist refers to the knowledge points of “Artificial Intelligence Basics (High School Edition)”, the world’s first artificial intelligence textbook for high school students released by SenseTime, and uses acrylic, stickers and waste electrical appliances to create a sci-fi mural “AI Hegemony” has attracted many audiences to stop and imagine. The audience also experienced a number of interactive works such as “AI Contest for Hegemony” and “Nanjing West Road Style Transfer”, and experienced the new application of AI technology in the field of art from zero distance.

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