Dalian Daquan Ding Group launched a 3G quad-core smartphone solution based on Spreadtrum

Leading Electronic components distributor dedicated to the Asia Pacific marketGreat United HoldingsAnnounced that its subsidiary Quanding has launched a platform based on SpreadtrumSC7731 CPUcost-effective smartphone platform solutions.

Spreadtrum’s representativeSC7731G CPUyes supportWCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+andGSM/EDGE High-integration digital chip for dual-mode modem,built-in ARM Cortex A7MP4 processorandARM mali400MP4 3D Image Accelerator..also,SC7731Galso integratedBTandWi-Fito reduceBOMcost,and also integratesPMU,RTC circuit,audio DAC/ADC,Class-D PAandauxADCWait.

SC7731GLow power consumption with dedicated architecture and algorithms ASIC Design and power management and proprietary techniques handle noise calibration and cancellation.SC7731GPlatform is a cost-effective solution,Enables handset makers to combine high-performance features with affordable device prices,Sets a more cost-effective standard for Android mobile devices.

Dalian Daquan Ding Group launched a 3G quad-core smartphone solution based on Spreadtrum

icon1-Spreadtrum of Dalian Daquan Ding agentSC7731GFrames

icon2-Spreadtrum of Dalian Daquan Ding agentSC7731Gparameter

For more product and solution information, please refer toThe official website of the General Assemblyand welcomeFollow the official Weibo of the United Nations General Assembly(@General Assembly) and the Dalian University WeChat platform: (search in the public accountGeneral Assemblyor WeChatwpg_holdingsfollow).

About Dalian University:

Great United HoldingsIt is a leading electronic components distributor in the Asia-Pacific region, headquartered in Taipei (TSE:3702), which ownsWorld Peace Group,Pinjia Group,Quanding GroupandYoushang Groupthe number of employees is nearly6,000people, agent product suppliers more than250home, more than130distribution locations (approx.80indivual),2013annual turnover of137billion dollars.

Great United HoldingsCreate an industry holding platform, continue to optimize front-end marketing and logistics support teams, act as a professional partner in the industry supply chain, and provide demand creation (Demand Creation), turnkey solutions (Turnkey Solution), technical support, warehousing logistics andICvalue-added services such as e-commerce, to satisfy OEMs (OEM), original design manufacturers (ODM), electronic manufacturing service providers (EMS) and small and medium-sized enterprises and other different customer needs.Internationalized operation scale and localized sales channels, long-term deep cultivation of the Asia-Pacific market, and has been selected as the “Best in Asia” by professional media for consecutive yearsICDistributor”, ranking the third largest electronic component distributor in the world.

In order to improve the localized service quality of the General Assembly and meet the differentiated needs of customers in the Greater China service area, the six major areas of services provided by the General Assembly (China) include Chinese-funded (ChinaBased Manufacturers), Taiwanese (Taiwan-Based Manufacturers), foreign businessmen (Electronic Manufacturing Service), Japanese merchants (Japan-Based Manufacturers), Korean merchants (Korea-Based Manufacturers) and Hong Kong merchants (HongKong-Based Manufacturers)client. In addition to providing customers with the best turnkey solutions (Turnkey Solution(SQS, Small Quantity Service). Dalian University has established Dalian University Commerce and Trade, Dalian University Commerce and Trade (Shenzhen) and Dalian University Electronics (Hong Kong) in the Mainland and Hong Kong respectively. With the corporate vision of “Industry First Choice and Access Benchmark”, it fully implements “Team, Integrity, “Professionalism and Efficiency” as the core values, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results for suppliers, customers and shareholders with professional services.

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