Diodes has launched a USB Type-C port protection device that meets automotive specifications, providing low insertion loss over-voltage and short-circuit protection

[Plano, Texas, USA, December 17, 2020]Diodes Corporation (Nasdaq: DIOD) today announced the launch of the DPO2039DABQ 4-channel protection solution for USB Type-C® ports, which not only meets automotive specifications, passes PPAP, and Meet the AEC-Q100 standard. DPO2039DABQ is specially designed for product applications such as automotive central control system unit, rear seat entertainment system unit and in-car charging.

Nowadays, the use of USB Type-C interface is increasing day by day, especially car manufacturers who are keen to provide smart devices and other interface device ports to meet future needs. For this reason, many design engineers began to look for simple and effective solutions to provide in-line protection for the USB Type-C port data transmission line.

DPO2039DABQ is one of the discrete data transmission line protection products. It can be adjusted with the CC1, Diodes CC2, D+ and D- or SBU signals of the USB Type-C port to protect the device from electrostatic discharge (ESD) impact or overheating Circumstances, and can avoid failures caused by any one of the four data transmission lines generating excessive voltage or VBUS short-circuit.

DPO2039DABQ has the characteristics of low insertion loss, its on-resistance is generally 300mΩ, and the equivalent capacitance value is below 50pF, so it will not adversely affect the bandwidth of the data transmission line. In addition, DPO2039DABQ also provides high-level ESD protection, eliminating the need to install an external voltage suppressor.

DPO2039DABQ integrates high-performance MOSFETs, gate drivers and control logic to help isolate all data transmission lines when a fault condition is detected. The product’s overvoltage fault detection response time is usually 100ns, and the thermal shutdown function is pre-configured with a threshold of +150°C and a hysteresis temperature of +20°C.

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