GF’s successful development of 22FDX technology, what is the charm of eMRAM, which has been studied by industry giants such as Intel and Samsung for many years?

On February 28, GlobalFoundries announced that it has completed the development of 22FDX (22 nm FD-SOI) technology for the production of embedded magnetoresistive non-volatile memory (eMRAM).

eMRAM, a new type of non-volatile storage medium that combines RAM memory and NAND flash memory, will not lose data after power failure, and its writing speed is thousands of times that of flash memory. It can be used as memory and hard disk, or even unify the two. At the same time, it is very important that it has low requirements on the manufacturing process and a much higher yield rate, which can better control costs, and the price of finished products will naturally not be too outrageous.

In fact, in addition to GF, industry giants such as Intel, IBM, TDK, Samsung, and Seagate have been studying eMRAM for many years.

eMRAM has many advantages, it does not involve charge or current, but uses magnetic memory elements and relies on reading the magnetic anisotropy of two ferromagnetic films separated by a thin potential barrier. This method does not require an erase cycle before writing data, which means higher performance. In addition, MRAM can be produced using modern process technology with high durability. The technology has some drawbacks that will eventually be addressed by using the ReRAM manufacturing process, but GF and Samsung Foundry believe that MRAM has great potential in the vast majority of applications.

GF says test chips produced using its 22FDX and eMRAM process technologies have 100,000-cycle endurance and 10-year data retention in ECC off mode at operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to 125°C ability.In addition, the company’s eMRAM test products can also pass standard reliability tests, including LTOL (168 hours), HTOL (500 hours) and 5x solder reflow, failure rate

GF manufactures the chip using 22FDX technology at Fab1 in Dresden, Germany. Deployed on the industry’s most advanced FDX platform, this differentiated eMRAM offers a unique combination of high-performance RF, low-power logic and integrated power management in an easy-to-integrate eMRAM solution, enabling customers to deliver a new generation of ultra-high High performance, low power MCU for IoT applications.

eMRAM is a scalable feature expected to be available on FinFET and future FDX platforms as part of the company’s roadmap for advanced eNVM. GF’s advanced 300mm product line at Fab 1 in Dresden, Germany will support volume production of the MRAM22FDX.

In addition, GF’s eMRAM test products can pass standard reliability tests including LTOL (168 hours), HTOL (500 hours) and 5x solder reflow with a failure rate of <1ppm, while magnetic immunity issues in production are an effective solution.

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