How to solve the “baseline flatness problem in parameters” in UV-Vis spectrophotometer verification?

UV-Vis spectrophotometer is a conventional analytical instrument, which can be used for chemical determination in laboratory, medical analysis, tracking detection of environmental markers, etc. We will encounter many problems in the verification. Today, I will introduce the method to solve the problem of baseline flatness in the parameters.

When the UV-Vis spectrophotometer manual light scattering and photosensitive components and other problems, it will lead to poor baseline flatness.

If you want to adjust the baseline flatness, you can clean the optical software to keep the optical system clean and dry.

When the wavelength noise is out of tolerance, it means that the filter is installed improperly. At this time, it is necessary to install the filter correctly to eliminate it.

When the use time of the instrument continues to increase, it is prone to the aging problem of internal components, which will affect the baseline flatness. Therefore, if you want to eliminate the problem of baseline flatness error out of tolerance, it needs to be repaired and maintained in time.

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