Huirong Technology launches the latest PCIe 4.0 NVMe 1.4 main control chip, bringing the ultimate performance experience to consumer SSDs

Huirong Technology launches the latest PCIe 4.0 NVMe 1.4 main control chip, bringing the ultimate performance experience to consumer SSDs

The latest PCIe 4.0 main control chip solution exhibits excellent performance and ultra-low power consumption, with a continuous read and write speed of up to 7,400/6,800MB per second.

【2020/10/21, Taipei and California, USA】Silicon Motion (NasdaqGS: SIMO) (“Silicon Motion”), the world’s leading brand in the design and marketing of NAND flash memory master chips, today announced the launch of a series of the latest ultra-high PCIe 4.0 NVMe 1.4 master chip solutions with high performance and low power consumption to meet all-round market demands, including SM2264 designed for high-end flagship Client SSD, SM2267 developed for mainstream SSD market, and suitable for Entry-level new SM2267XT DRAM-Less main control chip for small-scale applications.

Huirong Technology launches the latest PCIe 4.0 NVMe 1.4 main control chip, bringing the ultimate performance experience to consumer SSDs

Huirong Technology’s latest SSD main control chip solution complies with the PCIe 4.0 NVMe 1.4 specification, perfectly showing the ultra-high performance and low power consumption of Gen4, combined with Huirong’s exclusive Error Code Error Correction (ECC) technology, data Path and EMI protection, providing complete and stable data protection to meet the high-efficiency and stable requirements of storage devices. There are already 10 heavyweight customers around the world, including NAND manufacturers and SSD OEMs, who have launched new products using Huirong Technology’s Gen 4 main control chip equipped with 3D TLC or QLC NAND.

Don Jeanette, Vice President of TrendFocus, a market research company, said: “We all know that Wisdom Technology has been a leader in SSD controller chip technology for a long time. At the same time that the Gen 4 specification is gaining more and more attention in the market, the company’s new product launch at this time is just right. Seize the moment when Gen 4 is set to become the standard specification for PCs, game consoles and other consumer devices for years to come.”

Gou Jiazhang, general manager of Huirong Technology, said: “PCIe Gen4 pushes SSD performance to another level. Our latest PCIe 4.0 SSD master chip provides a complete solution for consumer SSD applications. It can meet the long-term needs of the global PC OEM and SSD module leaders. At present, many OEM customers have begun to import our latest Gen 4 SSD main control chip in their new product development, among which the SM2267 main control chip has been installed. SSD has entered mass production stage.”

PCIe Gen 4 solution for high performance and automotive grade: SM2264 supports Gen4 x 4 lane, 8 NAND lane design

SM2264 is mainly aimed at high-performance and automotive-grade SSD applications. It is equipped with a quad-core ARM®Cortex®-R8 CPU, contains four 16Gb/s PCIe data buses, and supports eight NAND channels, each channel up to 1 per second , 600 MT. The advanced architecture of SM2264 adopts 12nm process, which can greatly improve the data transfer rate, reduce power consumption and provide stricter data protection. 000K IOPS, providing users with an unprecedented ultra-high performance experience. The ARM® Cortex®-R8 architecture provides high-speed multi-threaded processing capabilities to meet the needs of mixed workload operations required by next-generation storage applications. The SM2264 is equipped with the latest 7th generation NANDXtend® technology of Wiring Technology, combined with the latest high-performance 4KB LDPC Error Correction Code (ECC) engine and RAID function patented by Wiring Technology, to provide excellent error correction for the latest generation of 3D TLC and QLC NAND. wrong ability. The SM2264 with built-in SR-IOV capability is also ideal for automotive-grade storage, providing a direct high-speed PCIe interface for up to eight virtual machines (VMs) simultaneously. SM2264 is currently in the stage of customer sample delivery.

Huirong Technology launches the latest PCIe 4.0 NVMe 1.4 main control chip, bringing the ultimate performance experience to consumer SSDs

Solutions for mainstream and entry-level PCIe Gen 4: SM2267 supports Gen4×4 lanes, 4 NAND lanes; SM2267XT supports Gen4×4 lanes, 4 NAND lanes, DRAM-less

Huirong Technology’s SM2267 and SM2267XT meet the needs of mainstream consumer-grade and cost-effective SSD applications. They have four 16Gb/s lanes of PCIe and four NAND lanes, each with a maximum speed of 1,200MT/s, and continuous read and write. The performance can be as high as 3,900/3,500MB per second. The SM2267 includes a DRAM interface, and the SM2267XT DRAM-less main control chip can meet the design requirements of small-sized products without affecting performance. Both are equipped with NANDXtend® ECC technology and support the latest generation of 3D TLC and QLC NAND, providing high performance, high reliability and the most cost-effective PCIe NVMe SSD solution. The SM2267 and SM2267XT have entered mass production.

For more information about SSD main control chip solutions, please visit Huirong’s official website.

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Silicon Motion Technology Corp. (NasdaqGS: SIMO) is the world’s largest supplier of NAND flash memory master chips and a market leader in SSD master chips. We have the most master control chip solutions and related technology patents, which are mainly used in embedded storage devices such as SSD and eMMC+UFS for smart phones, personal computers, consumer and industrial applications. In the past ten years, it has shipped more than 6 billion units, ranking first in the industry. We provide both enterprise-grade SSD and industrial-grade SSD solutions for large data centers. Customers include most of the major NAND flash memory manufacturers, storage device module manufacturers and leading OEM manufacturers. Huirong was listed on NASDAQ in the United States in 2005.

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