Imagination and Packetcraft announce partnership to deliver low-power audio solutions

London, United Kingdom, September 17, 2020 – Imagination Technologies and Packetcraft announce a partnership to deliver a complete Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Low Energy) audio solution using a new low-complexity communication codec controller (LC3). By combining Imagination’s iEB110 hardware and Packetcraft’s master protocol stack, the solution enables broadcast audio, high-quality multi-stream audio, hearing aid support and more. A demo of this solution can be found here.

Imagination and Packetcraft have created a complete solution that can be easily integrated into a system-on-chip (SoC). With this integrated hardware and software solution, customers can gain significant advantages by reducing development time and ultimately time-to-market.

Compared to the Subband Codec (SBC) used in the traditional Bluetooth (Bluetooth Classic), the newly introduced LC3 codec can provide better performance. Even though the data rate is only half the data rate used by SBC, LC3 is able to provide higher quality audio than SBC, which allows it to significantly reduce power consumption without sacrificing audio quality.

Gerry Conlon, executive vice president of Ensigma, Imagination, said: “By combining Imagination’s baseband controller and radio frequency (RF) circuitry with Packetcraft’s master stack and advanced low power audio (LE Audio) solutions, customers can license and Quickly design state-of-the-art Bluetooth 5.2 low energy SoC products to be the first to monetize today’s market in the shortest time possible.”

John Yi, CEO of Packetcraft, said: “By working together, we are able to bring world-class hardware and software products to the market. Our Bluetooth 5.2 compliant master protocol stack has been licensed to a number of customers developing low-power audio products. This partnership with Imagination provides customers with a solid foundation to support their technical needs, while providing a very flexible solution for the next generation of Bluetooth audio.”

By supporting high-quality audio over Bluetooth Low Energy, the Bluetooth 5.2 specification brings significant innovation and will enable a range of new use cases.

Imagination’s iEB110

The iEB110 is a complete Bluetooth 5.2 low energy solution including radio frequency (RF) circuitry, controller software and a Bluetooth low energy master stack. It supports various advanced features of the Bluetooth 5.1 specification, such as supporting angle of arrival/departure (AoA/AoD) for sub-meter positioning and tracking accuracy, and also supports various advanced features of the Bluetooth 5.0 specification, such as LE Long Range ( LE long-range) for extended indoor and outdoor coverage, and LE-2M bandwidth for higher throughput and lower power consumption. With industry-leading RF performance, the iEB110 provides robust and stable connectivity while extending system battery life.

For more information, watch Imagination’s webinar “iEB110: Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2 IP”.

Packetcraft’s main stack

Packetcraft’s Bluetooth 5.2 compliant master stack is a state-of-the-art Bluetooth low energy embedded software solution. It is designed to improve memory, CPU and power efficiency and is portable across different CPUs, radios and operating systems. Packetcraft’s master stack supporting low-power audio is now available to its enterprise customers.

The Links:   NL8060BC2630G LM150X08-TLA2