[Industrial Internet Topic]my country’s Industrial Internet has not yet entered the stage of large-scale implementation

Recently, the “Industrial Internet Helps the High-Quality Development of the Digital Economy” seminar and the establishment ceremony of the China Industrial Internet Think Tank Committee was held in Beijing. In response to a reporter’s question, Mei Hong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that although the development of the domestic industrial Internet seems to be booming, it is currently mainly concentrated at the government level. It has really reached all walks of life. In fact, it has not yet reached the stage of large-scale implementation and is still in the process of vigorously advancing Expect.

It is understood that in order to implement the “Industrial Internet Innovation Development Action Plan (2021-2023)” and promote industrialization and informatization to achieve integrated development on a wider, deeper, and higher level, under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Next, the China Industrial Internet Research Institute, together with national scientific research institutions, well-known universities, industry organizations and typical enterprises, jointly initiated the establishment of the “Federation of Industry Think Tank”, which is committed to providing intellectual support for the innovative development of China’s industrial Internet.

Wang Jiangping, a member of the party group and deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said in a video speech that he hoped that the “Federation of Industry and Commerce Think Tank” would inject more innovative elements into the development of the digital economy, and that China Industrial Internet Research Institute would give full play to the cohesive advantages of the “Federation of Industry and Commerce Think Tank” The important role of intellectual resources will contribute more to my country’s industrial Internet cause.

At the meeting, Xu Xiaolan, President of the China Industrial Internet Research Institute, introduced the relevant situation of the “Federation of Industry and Commerce Think Tank” and announced the establishment of the think tank. The “Federation of Industry Think Tank” aims to build an academic exchange platform, project collaboration platform and information sharing platform in the field of industrial Internet, and promote the development of industrial Internet in a wider range, deeper degree and higher level. The delegates at the meeting held an unveiling ceremony for the “Federation of Trade Unions Think Tank”.

Academician Mei Hong believes that in the development of the industrial Internet, the biggest gap between my country and foreign countries is the lack of digital foundation, and the digitalization process is currently being accelerated through government leadership. He emphasized that there are many factors restricting the large-scale development of the Industrial Internet, including traditional ways of thinking, and even some scholars believe that information technology is nothing more than a technical tool. In addition, in reality, many enterprises have struggled to survive, and it is relatively difficult for them to implement digitalization for long-term benefits.

In the keynote speech, Academician Mei Hong introduced the current IT field’s thinking on industrial Internet scientific issues, and analyzed the industrial intelligent perception, industrial interconnection and information integration, industrial big data and industrial intelligence, industrial Internet flexible control, and industrial Internet platform software. , Industrial Internet security and other six key technical challenges, it is believed that with the continuous development and maturity of industrial Internet technology, standards, and forms, the industrial Internet will eventually be deeply applied and integrated in industries such as manufacturing, energy, transportation, and medical care, and will bring To revolutionize the industry.

Hai Wen, dean of Peking University HSBC Business School, said that it is necessary to study the sustainable growth model of the industrial Internet from the two major production factors of technology and information. The national industrial Internet platform has a certain attribute of public goods, which can help enterprises improve efficiency and is of great significance to national development. The Industrial Internet is not only an industry itself, but also can drive the development of various industries. It has a great role in promoting long-term economic growth. It must be vigorously developed, but at the same time, it must focus on improving the level of training and education so that more companies can use the Industrial Internet to promote self development.

Xiong Xiangyi, executive director of the Outlook Think Tank Research Institute, believes that my country’s development of the industrial Internet has two outstanding advantages: First, the platform advantage, my country’s industrial Internet has become a “platform +” ecosystem, cross-platform, cross-field regional and professional Platforms keep popping up. The second is the advantage of computing power. my country’s computing power is at the forefront of the world, and the investment in IT equipment will exceed 200 billion yuan in 2020. While grasping the advantages, we also need to face three major difficulties in the future development of the industrial Internet: first, how to establish an industrial Internet ecological community; second, how to balance the differences in industrial production; third, how enterprises find their own positioning.

Yan Deli, a senior researcher at Tencent Research Institute, said that although my country’s digital economy has achieved world-renowned achievements, people often even compare China and the United States, believing that the two countries “jointly lead the development of the global digital economy.” However, he emphasized that we must be soberly aware that although our country ranks second in the world behind the United States in many fields, it is still far from being on par with the first place.

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