Inspur storage server NF5266M5 is specially designed for big data applications

Big data has become a popular technology in various industries, and enterprises are generally faced with big data challenges, especially the challenges of data storage and management. According to IDC’s forecast, the total amount of global data is expected to reach 44ZB in 2020. Enterprises are the main body of data storage, and by 2025, more than 85% of the world’s data will be stored.

Inspur storage server NF5266M5 is a platform solution specially developed for enterprise data storage management, with a height of 2U and a maximum storage capacity of 420TB. It has been specially designed in terms of storage, network and computing, with good storage capacity, storage density and Processing capacity, suitable for various application scenarios such as big data, CDN, cloud storage, video storage, etc., can be used as a warm and cold data storage platform for enterprises, or as a distributed node integrating computing and storage to build a big data system for users .

Inspur storage server NF5266M5

Chen Yanling, deputy general manager of Inspur server product line, believes that NF5266M5 is a highly versatile storage server, and other data systems other than transaction databases can run on this product, such as corporate videos, emails, pictures and images in the Internet industry. Web page storage backup, etc.

Comprehensive enhancement of storage, network, and computing

Inspur storage server NF5266M5 can support 24 front 2.5-inch/3.5-inch hard drives, 4 rear NVMe SSDs and 2 built-in M. 2 hard drives, 2 M. 2 hard disks are system disks to ensure system performance. 24 mechanical hard drives can provide 380TB of storage space, forming a hierarchical hybrid storage architecture with 4 NVMe SSD hard drives. Hot data is stored in SSD, and general data is stored in mechanical hard drives, achieving a good balance of storage space, performance and cost. .

In terms of network, this product supports 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G and other network interfaces, supports free switching between OCP network cards and PHY cards, and also provides 4 standard PCIe 3.0 expansion slots, which can further improve I/O performance, and can also meet the diverse I/O needs of users.

In terms of processing power, NF5266M5 adopts Intel’s second-generation Xeon scalable processor, supports CLX-R, can expand to 2 processors, 12 memory slots, supports TDP165W CPU, and 2 10.4 GT/s UPI interconnects. Links, so that the server has higher processing performance.

Inspur storage server layout

Inspur is one of the manufacturers with the most complete storage server products. There are 5 products in total, not only in the form of traditional racks, but also in the form of complete cabinets. applications to provide fit products. NF5266M5 is a product that is well balanced in terms of computing, network and storage. Earlier, Inspur launched a server with the highest storage density in the world, the NF5486M5. It can expand 106 3.5 hard drives within a 4U height, and the storage capacity has reached an astonishing level. of 1.25PB. This product is aimed at cold data storage, such as video storage, archive storage, mail storage, etc.

Strengthen the competitiveness of big data business

According to IDC data, China’s storage server market has a compound annual growth rate of 15.97% from 2016 to 2019. It is expected to maintain a sustained and rapid growth in the next five years. Driven by big data, storage servers have also become the fastest growing server segment. sub-field. Storage server is an important component of Inspur’s big data business, and NF5266M5 will strengthen the competitiveness of Inspur’s big data business. Chen Yanling revealed that the product has been deployed on a large scale by China’s leading Internet operators, and has also been widely used by many telecom operators’ CDN services.

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