iPhone 12 falls below the issue price, can Huawei beat Apple on Double 11?

The “Grand View” of queuing up all night to buy iPhones may be difficult to reproduce in China.

If we compare the iPhone series over the years, the just-released iPhone 12 is undoubtedly the worst series. As Apple’s first 5G mobile phone, it should have caused an “uproar” in the mobile phone market, but the iPhone 12, which was favored by many industry insiders, fell below the issue price just a few days after its release. As the so-called house leak happens overnight rain, just before and after the iPhone 12 broke, Apple also handed over a financial report that “does not conform to” common sense.

According to Apple’s fourth fiscal quarter (July-September) results for fiscal 2020, Apple’s revenue was $64.7 billion, slightly higher than the same period last year. However, the revenue of Apple’s mobile phone business was US$26.444 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 20.73%. What is more noteworthy is that Apple’s revenue in Greater China was US$7.946 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 28.63%, the lowest level since 2014. And, in Apple’s five major sales regions, only China’s revenue declined. In addition, in the Americas, Europe, Japan, and other Asia-Pacific regions, the growth rate was 5%, 13%, 1%, and 13% respectively.

Chinese consumers no longer love iPhones

According to IDC statistics, iPhone shipments in the third quarter fell by 10.6% year-on-year, ranking fourth after Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi. Specifically in the Chinese market, iPhone sales fell sharply again in September, down nearly 68-71% year-on-year.

Among them, there are naturally reasons for the delayed sales of the iPhone 12 and the sharp price reduction of the iPhone 11. However, the most fundamental thing is that consumers’ enthusiasm for iphone is also fading after the iphone is no longer able to bring innovative surprises to consumers.

Taking this iPhone 12 as an example, this generation of iPhones does not have any new ideas except that it has to follow the trend and add 5G technology. Even the mystery when the iPhone was not released in the past has disappeared. The retro appearance, performance and parameters are basically the same as those reported on the Internet. There is even no high refresh rate and fast charging iPhone 12, which is not as good as the configuration reported by netizens.

Especially in comparison with other mobile phones, when all mobile phone brands are further developing the third-generation 5G technology and the appearance of mobile phones such as folding screens. The iphone only launched the first mobile phone with 5G function. At the same time, under its retro appearance, there is no new creativity except for the color difference.

In the state that Apple is slow in everything, it also sets off the aggressive mentality of its competitors.

Moreover, the sluggish popularity of the iPhone in the Chinese market is also reflected in the Double Eleven, the largest shopping carnival in the Chinese market. As the only mobile phones with 5nm chips, the iPhone 12 and Huawei Mate 40 both debuted on Double Eleven. According to Tmall’s official data, in the first minute of the opening on November 1, the Huawei Mate40 series, which officially increased its supply, was launched for the first time on Tmall Double 11. The overall turnover of Huawei’s brand exceeded 100 million in seconds, becoming the fastest in the home appliance 3C industry. A billion-dollar brand. In the first hour, the overall turnover of the Huawei brand has exceeded the 500 million mark. At the same time, 6 million people rushed to Tmall to grab Huawei Kirin mobile phones. At the same time, only 5 million people snapped up Apple iPhone series mobile phones.

What is more noteworthy is that Huawei mobile phones are not the only hot sellers. The data also shows that during the whole day of Tmall Double 11, Huawei brand won a total of 5 sales champions in five fields, which shows the great support of consumers. Android tablets, smart watches, Bluetooth headsets, noise-cancelling headsets, routers and other fields have become TOP1 in the industry.

From this comparison, we can find that while the iPhone 12 has fallen below the issue price, the Huawei Mate 40 is hard to find, which undoubtedly confirms many things.

Iphone has become a luxury consumer does not buy it?

For today’s iphone, we should call it a luxury item rather than a technology product.

In fact, as early as when the iphone carried the price banner and technological innovation was squeezed out like toothpaste, the iphone had already fallen to the altar. According to data from research firm Counterpoint, in the first quarter of 2019, in the high-end mobile phone market of US$600 to US$800, the sales of Huawei’s Mate20 and Mate20Pro mobile phones exceeded the iPhone XR and iPhone 8 series at the same price. Then, in 2019, Huawei became the only brand after Apple and Samsung with a double-digit market share in the high-end smartphone segment.

In addition, according to the ranking of the domestic high-end mobile phone market in the first half of 2020 released by IDC, Huawei surpassed Apple and ranked first with a market share of 44.1%, and Apple fell to the second place with a market share of 44.0%.

It can be seen from this that Apple has lost its dominance in the high-end mobile phone market. In the fierce market competition, the iPhone, like the domestic mobile phone, can only rely on low prices to attract users, even though the iPhone 11 is selling well. Although the entry price of the iPhone 12 mini is 5,499 yuan, the same as the previous generation iPhone 11. However, because of environmental protection factors, after cutting off the earphones and chargers, it will undoubtedly increase the cost of consumers to buy mobile phones in disguise.

Especially in the problems of poor external 5G signal, too little battery capacity and too short battery life, the shortcomings of the iPhone are too obvious. Therefore, under the comprehensive experience, the iphone, which is no longer innovative, has poor experience and is expensive, has been increasingly unrecognized by consumers.

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