iPhone 13 is no longer mysterious: add new color sunset gold

iPhone 13 is no longer mysterious: add new color sunset gold

I believe that the fruit fans who have continued to pay attention to Mingmei Infinite should all know that the most mysterious mobile phone product this year may be the iPhone 13. I remember that the iPhone 13 started to explode on the Internet not long after the iPhone 12 went on sale. The news of the iPhone 13, including the functional configuration, appearance and color, has been picked up. Some people even say that the iPhone 13 will be the most thoroughly exposed Apple product this year. At the press conference, many fruit fans said that they have no interest in watching the press conference this year.

As for what will be the content that has not been exposed so far, will there be one more thing at that time, that is all in the future, compared to some unpredictable things, maybe everyone would like to know the exact release time of the iPhone 13, what When is the pre-sale, when is the official sale, just in time, the relevant news is coming.

iPhone 13 is no longer mysterious: add new color sunset gold

This is not because the outside world is eagerly looking forward to the iPhone 13. If nothing else, there are still four models this year. In addition to the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max, the iPhone 13 is still the main force in shipments. As time goes on, there are more and more rumors about the iPhone 13, and if nothing else, it should meet us soon.

Mingmei Unlimited will first talk to you about the release time.

According to @LeaksApplePro: The iPhone 13 will be officially released on September 14 this year, which is the time of Apple’s autumn conference.

Then it will be pre-ordered on September 17, until the official release on September 24.

According to this news, the time of this conference seems to have returned to the rules before 2020. If mass production is sufficient, there should be little deviation.

In addition, it is also worth mentioning that Mingmei Infinite has recently reported that the front bangs of the iPhone 13 series will definitely be reduced, and that the bangs will be further reduced on the next-generation iPhone (“iPhone 14”). Zoom out. Since the iPhone X first adopted Liu Haiping in 2017, until this year’s iPhone 13, there have been 5 generations of Liu Haiping iPhones. It may take longer and more effort to get the iPhone to get rid of bangs.

And recently, according to foreign media news, this year’s iPhone 13 series will be equipped with the Wi-Fi 6E protocol and add support for the 6GHz frequency band.

Apple supports Wi-Fi 6 for the first time on the iPhone 11. Compared with the previous Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 6 has significantly improved in terms of speed, latency, power consumption, and security.

Wi-Fi 6E is an extended version of Wi-Fi 6, which adds support for the 6GHz frequency band. Compared with the previous generation of Wi-Fi 5, the improvement of Wi-Fi 6E is not as high as that of Wi-Fi 6. Not that big.

Wi-Fi 6E is expected to become the standard configuration of iOS and Android mobile phones in 2022. To use the high-speed transmission of Wi-Fi 6E, not only the client device needs to support, but the router transmitter also needs to support the corresponding Wi-Fi 6E standard and technology.

But at present, routers that support Wi-Fi 6E are not cheap.

In addition, it is rumored in the industry that Apple has placed a large number of orders with TSMC in June, which is likely to be the Apple A15 processor. Compared with other chip design manufacturers, Apple has priority supply rights. It is reported that the A15 will use the 5nm+ process. Equipped with a 5-core GPU, the performance is expected to increase by 35%, and the CPU adopts a 2+4 design, which is about 20% higher than the A14.

According to the latest reports from foreign media, the sensor-displacement optical image stabilization function will be applied to all iPhone 13 series, while this function was only applied to iPhone 12 Pro Max before, but only the Pro series will use 6P (f /1.8) Ultra-wide-angle lens, and supports autofocus, and supports 8K 30FPS or 8K 45FPS for video recording.

In addition, today Mingmei Infinite wants to mention by the way that the iPhone 13 series screens support high refresh rate. rate, while the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini may only support high-speed brushes, but miss the LTPO technology.

iPhone 13 is no longer mysterious: add new color sunset gold

Of course, the network access information including the battery of the iPhone 13 series has also been announced. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is equipped with a 4352mAh battery, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro both use a 3095mAh battery, and the iPhone 13 mini uses a smaller capacity battery The 2406mAh battery, the overall improvement compared to the 12 series. You can see that the battery capacity of each model of the iPhone 13 series mobile phones has been greatly increased, and the possibility that the iPhone 13 series mobile phones support wireless reverse charging has greatly increased.

Not only the battery capacity has increased, but according to the revelations, the wireless charging coil of the iPhone 13 series mobile phones has also been greatly increased, and the wireless charging power will also increase, which also means that the iPhone 13 series mobile phones may support the wireless reverse charging function.

Now the iPhone 12 series mobile phones already support the wireless reverse charging function, although only MagSafe external batteries are supported, while the iPhone 13 series mobile phones are expected to truly support the wireless reverse charging function.

Finally, whether it is the dark green of the iPhone 11 Pro or the sea blue of the iPhone 12 Pro, Apple will add a new color scheme to the Pro series models in the past two years, and what new color will this year’s iPhone 13 Pro be?

It was previously reported that in addition to the traditional black and white, the iPhone 13 Pro series will also add two new colors – sunset gold and rose gold, and the rose gold is similar to the same color in previous years. The sunset gold is a new color matching, similar to the feeling of metallic copper.

As for the specific price, it is reported that the starting price of the iPhone 13 mini will be around 5,000 yuan, which is lower than that of the iPhone 12 mini. The iPhone 13 mini may be Apple’s last generation of mini products, and it seems that Apple also hopes to make this generation the best.

That’s about it, are the iPhone 13 fans still satisfied?

iPhone 13 is no longer mysterious: add new color sunset gold

To sum up, although there are various opinions about the iPhone 13, we have been able to basically confirm its appearance, performance and camera specifications. Assuming that Cook can finally stick to his conscience pricing, then the iPhone 13 will become “thirteen fragrances”. It’s entirely possible.

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