“Listen to what you think” – ams demos innovative semi-in-ear true wireless earbud kit at CES2020

China, January 8, 2020, ams AG (SIX: AMS), the world’s leading supplier of high-performance sensor solutions, today at CES (Las Vegas, Nevada, 2020) Showcase the future of personal audio devices by presenting the new in-ear innovation demo kit from January 7-10, 2019.

This ready-to-use reference design demonstrates how semi-in-ear true wireless earbuds can achieve selective noise cancellation for enhanced hearing. The reference design also supports features such as proximity sensing for automatic power saving and enhanced usability. This reference design is based on ams’ unique AS3460 digital audio processor with Automatic Leakage Compensation (ALC), which dynamically adjusts frequency coverage and noise attenuation depth, bypassing the silicone tips of the earbuds and directly eliminating in-ear of irrelevant noise.

This means that semi-in-ear true wireless earbuds can maintain wearing comfort while maintaining the same noise-cancelling performance as in-ear earbuds, which closely conform to the contour of the ear and isolate ambient noise through a physical barrier.

The AS3460 is based on the Digital Hearing Enhancement Engine, which also provides a platform for a variety of new functions, including personal health monitoring, selective sound perception, and the treatment of tinnitus symptoms, making earbuds an integral part of consumers’ lives. one.

During CES, ams will showcase the innovative kit in Suite 236 on the 30th floor of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

Chris Feige, Executive Vice President, Earbuds and Automotive at ams, said: “Research on consumer habits confirms that wireless earbud users prefer semi-in-ear earbuds because they are more comfortable to wear. In-ear earbuds are a A compromise design that achieves passive noise attenuation at the expense of user comfort. Using the AS3460’s Adaptive Leakage Compensation (ALC) technology, ams solves the ‘leakage’ problem and is able to provide the same equivalent noise-cancelling performance of earbuds.”

ams – a pioneer in the growing wireless noise-cancelling earbuds market

ams is a pioneer in the field of noise reduction in earbuds. In 2019, it launched the AS3460 digital hearing enhancement companion chip, which for the first time enables semi-in-ear true wireless earbuds to have high-quality noise reduction performance.

The convenience of completely wireless listening has led more and more consumers to adopt true wireless earbuds. Analysts predict that such products will grow at a 39% annual rate through 2023. By 2022, shipments of true wireless earbuds are expected to exceed all other types of earbuds combined.

The AS3460 is the first audio chip that enables semi-in-ear true wireless earbuds to achieve up to 40dB noise reduction over a wide audio range, providing a quiet sound background in almost any environment. This means users can answer calls and listen to music at lower volumes, which helps protect their long-term hearing health.

In the earbuds innovation demonstration kit, the ams AS3460 also offers an automatic preset selection (APS) function for detecting different sound environments (e.g. vehicle interiors, aircraft cabins, crowded rooms, etc.) and automatically without user intervention Matching the best noise filter – without compromising the safety or comfort of the earbuds as the user moves from place to place.

Earbuds Innovation Platform

The Digital Hearing Enhancement Engine also supports special audio features such as:

Tinnitus treatment – eliminating frequencies associated with the patient’s symptoms;

Speech enhancement – to improve the ability of users to listen to conversations when they are normally hearing impaired;

Selective Noise Cancellation – Automatically cuts through basic external noise, such as alerting the user to an approaching ambulance when the user is crossing the road.

In this earbud innovation demonstration kit, the AS3460 is paired with the TMD2635 digital proximity optical sensor module to provide automatic in-ear detection. This feature helps save power when the earbuds are not in use. The digital proximity sensor can also be used to implement gesture control of the earbuds, such as adjusting the volume with a swipe gesture.

In the future, embedded digital optical sensors in the earbuds could also be used to monitor vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure and vagal tone.

This innovative demonstration kit for true wireless earbuds from ams comes in an extremely small package. Available on the ams online store.

The AS3460 digital hearing enhancement companion chip is currently in mass production.

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