Maxim Integrated Releases New Fundamental Analog Transceivers to Provide Reliable Connectivity and Maximum Uptime for Industrial Networks with Enhanced Fault Detection and Operating Range

Beijing, China—September 17, 2020—Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM) announces the MAX33012E controller area network (CAN) bus receiver and MAX33072E RS-485 half-duplex transceiver to help designers accelerate large-scale Troubleshoot the network and restore the normal communication of the system, ideal for industrial automation equipment that needs to keep working properly for a long time. These devices are designed to increase the uptime of industrial systems and are widely used in factory infrastructure networks. The MAX33012E has the industry’s most advanced fault detection and reporting functions; the MAX33072E is used to connect different nodes distributed over a large area, allowing a high ground potential difference between nodes, thereby greatly improving network reliability.

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For many critical industrial applications, such as asset management systems and communication fieldbus modules, reliable connectivity is essential for optimizing production processes and increasing system uptime.

MAX33012E: Overvoltage, overcurrent, and transmission errors on the CAN bus will stop production and idle expensive machines. To overcome this challenge, the MAX33012E can detect faults on data lines CANH and CANL, including overvoltage, overcurrent, and transmission faults, and report fault codes. The detection and reporting functions of the MAX33012E provide the fastest possible troubleshooting of such failures and re-establishment of link communication.

MAX33072E: Modern industrial and manufacturing systems require high common-mode voltage tolerance to support proper communication between different nodes. The MAX33072E allows a common-mode range (CMR) 1.6 times higher than the nearest competitor (receiver), which is used to connect widely distributed nodes, thereby expanding the size of the communication network, allowing more machines in a larger area Working together, the link construction is simple and reliable. The MAX33072E has a CMR of ±40V, enabling reliable connectivity and communication in industrial systems in noisy environments, allowing ground potential differences as high as -40V or +40V between two nodes.

main advantage

Improve uptime: Competing CAN transceiver solutions do not have both fault detection and reporting, leaving system operators unaware of the source of the fault or specific details when diagnosing the problem. The MAX33012E brings CAN networks back to work faster with the industry’s only fault detection, reporting, and sequencing capabilities for overvoltage, overcurrent, and transmission errors.

Highest ESD protection: The MAX33012E provides ±45kV electrostatic discharge (ESD) fault protection, 1.8 times higher than the nearest competitor, allowing data transmission networks to withstand higher ESD strikes.

· Highest CMR: The driver output and receiver input of the MAX33072E have very high CMR.


“Automated production centers need to be up and running 24/7 at all times to maximize productivity and return on investment,” said Colin Barnden, principal analyst at Semicast Research. “Resolving problems quickly and restoring production capacity quickly after equipment downtime is a critical component of any production environment. A much-needed feature.”

“Increasing uptime for industrial communications is a high priority for industrial system designers,” said David Andeen, executive director of Maxim Integrated’s Core Products Group. Of course, finding faults in time reduces repair time. Our new transceivers help reduce machine idle time.”

Availability and Price

· The MAX33012EASA+ is priced at $2.29 (1,000-unit, FOB US) and is available through Maxim’s official website and through authorized dealers.

· The MAX33072EASA+ is priced at $2.04 (1,000-unit, FOB US) and is available through Maxim’s official website and through authorized dealers.

· MAX33012ESHLD# evaluation kit available for $99

· MAX33072ESHLD# evaluation kit available for $99

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