MiR autonomous mobile robot adds to smart medical care and implements refined logistics management in hospitals

MiR autonomous mobile robot adds to smart medical care and implements refined logistics management in hospitals

The leader of the global mobile robot market-Mobile Industrial Robots (hereinafter referred to as: MiR) held the first medical technology sharing event today, demonstrating the application of its series of autonomous mobile robot products (Autonomous Mobile Robot-AMR) in hospital scenarios. With its flexible deployment, safe and reliable, autonomous navigation, and easy-to-use features, MiR AMR meets the diverse needs of automation in the medical and public health fields, and contributes to the construction of smart medical care.

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Under the guidance of the “Healthy China” strategy, the state has issued a number of policies in recent years requiring medical institutions to increase their intelligence and continue to improve the patient experience. This year, the National Health Commission issued the “Hospital Smart Management Classification and Evaluation Standard System (Trial)”[1], To guide medical institutions to carry out the construction of smart hospitals in a scientific and standardized manner, and require the active implementation of a trinity smart hospital system of “medical care, service, and management”. It not only emphasizes the provision of “smart services” for patients in diagnosis and treatment, but also emphasizes doing well the “smart management of hospitals” “The system architecture further enhances the level of refined management.

MiR autonomous mobile robot adds to smart medical care and implements refined logistics management in hospitals

MiR AMR operates stably in Shenzhen Baoan District Maternity and Child Health Hospital

As an important part of the hospital’s logistics management system, the optimization of hospital logistics is an indispensable part of the construction of smart medical care. The daily operation of the hospital involves various transportation tasks such as medicines, disinfection materials, static infusion and so on. The demand is huge, the materials are complicated, and the requirements for safety and timeliness are very high. In the traditional manual operation mode, this type of work is not only highly repetitive, heavy tasks, but also of low technical value. And through the use of automated solutions such as AMR, medical staff can be released from repetitive tasks, thereby saving more time to invest in the treatment of patients.

Zhang Yu, Sales Director of MiR China, said: “MiR is one of the most extensive manufacturers of AMR products on the market. , Automotive, consumer goods, and many other industries have been widely used. At present, we are continuously expanding into the fields of hospitals, life sciences and public health. We hope to help medical institutions improve the efficiency and safety of in-hospital logistics, realize automated transformation and upgrade, and contribute to the construction of smart medical care. the power of.”

At present, MiR AMR has been well-known in the medical field by Peking University Shenzhen Hospital, Shenzhen Baoan District Maternity and Child Health Hospital, Shanghai Tongji Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine First Affiliated Hospital Zhijiang District, and the Affiliated Hospital of Zeeland University in Denmark. Used in hospitals, it is widely used in operating room, laboratory, static distribution center, central pharmacy, disinfection center, catering and clothing and other environments for medical material handling, transportation and disinfection.

Specifically, AMR does not need to lay tracks, is easy to expand and change working areas, can navigate autonomously and dynamically when planning paths and sequences, and can safely drive around pedestrians and obstacles, flexibly run through hospital corridors, and run stably on patients Between doctors and nurses, deliver the materials to the designated place in a safe and timely manner. Especially since the epidemic, the use of robots in the transportation of materials in various departments and sick rooms of hospitals and the disinfection of public places can effectively reduce the burden on medical staff. The benefits that AMR can bring to medical institutions include the following aspects.

Intelligentization: MiR continuously optimizes the degree of intelligence of AMR through “vision technology” and robot “motion control technology”. The robot can autonomously plan routes, autonomously charge, automatically call elevators, open and close doors, and realize cross-floor material transportation. In addition, the MiRFleet dispatch system independently developed by MiR can realize the mutual cooperation of multiple robots, carry out 7×24-hour multi-site distribution, and solve the irregular distribution tasks of inspection departments and other departments.

Labor-saving and high-efficiency: The MiR robot integrated system can realize closed-loop management in the whole process, reducing the work of medical staff in warehousing, requisition, accounting, billing, and distribution, which not only improves efficiency, shortens the waiting time for patients, but also reduces medical affairs The workload of the staff enables them to devote their precious time to more valuable medical matters.

Safety is traceable: The hospital has a intensive flow of people, and there are often many children and patients, and the safety requirements for unmanned equipment are extremely high. Safety and stability is the core competitive advantage of MiR AMR. All MiR AMRs are equipped with dual laser scanners and have a 360-degree field of view. They can always perceive the surrounding environment in advance and re-plan the route at any time to avoid personnel and obstacle. In addition, the robot integrated system can be connected to the hospital’s HIS, HERP, SPD and other management systems to realize the traceability of the entire process of materials, drugs, and operators to ensure the safety and correctness of the materials.

Hygienic and sterile: The disinfection center of the hospital needs to carry out strict sterilization of all kinds of equipment, which involves a large amount of handling and pushing and pulling work, not only the task is arduous, but also cross-infection easily occurs with a little carelessness. At the beginning of 2021, MiR and the Danish cleaning system technology company KEN Hygiene System (KEN Hygiene System) jointly launched a new robot solution KEN AL10 that can be used in hospital disinfection centers. The staff of the disinfection center can instruct the robot to load the contaminated equipment by simply touching the tablet computer, and send the robot to the vacant disinfection and washing machine for disinfection, and then automatically transport the cleaned tray rack to the packaging station. All operations will be reported. Completion greatly simplifies the task and effectively avoids cross-infection.

Rapid disinfection of public places: Under the epidemic situation, daily disinfection of public places such as hospital waiting rooms and wards has become a daily affair. However, strict and thorough disinfection of multiple rooms in large areas takes a lot of time. With MiRGo’s out-of-the-box solution, MiR AMR can complete the extension of the robot function through the disinfection module. For example, the combination of MiR AMR and UV-C ultraviolet rays to create an autonomous disinfection robot can thoroughly disinfect a room of 25 square meters in 15 minutes. If it is changed to manual chemical operations, this task requires two workers for a full day. time.

As an open collaborative mobile robot, MiR AMR can be easily integrated for a variety of applications to meet the needs of different types of transportation automation. MiR currently has seven AMR products with different load levels, ranging from the lightest weight of 100 kilograms to the recently released 1,350 kilograms, which can meet the full-scene use of multiple industry production lines. With the above advantages, MiR’s global sales performance increased by as much as 40% year-on-year in the third quarter of this year.

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