New! Arm’s comprehensive computing strategy accelerates the upgrade

New! Arm’s comprehensive computing strategy accelerates the upgrade

After launching a new generation of Armv9 architecture in March, Arm is accelerating the upgrade of the new architecture.

On May 26, Arm held an online conference and launched the new Armv9 CPU core, which aims to provide first-class solutions for various consumer Electronic devices. It will provide the ultimate performance for laptops and a smoother user experience for smart TVs, plus the continuous efficiency improvements it provides will lead to longer battery life and longer-lasting mobile gaming experiences.

Paul Williamson, senior vice president and general manager of Arm’s Terminal Business Unit, said that Arm will use a new comprehensive computing product portfolio to meet the computing needs and design challenges of many applications such as smartphones, high-performance PCs, and wearables.

According to reports, the new CPU cores include Cortex-X2, an upgraded version of the high-performance core Cortex-X1, Cortex-A710, the successor of Cortex-A78, and a new small core Cortex-A510, which is upgraded to Cortex-A55 after four years.

The average performance of the three CPUs has increased by over 30%

As the most influential IP on the mobile terminal at present, ARM’s new core design can basically be regarded as representing the CPU performance of Android models in 2022, as well as the GPU performance of some chip manufacturers. In other words, the specific performance of Cortex-X2, Cortex-A710, and Cortex-A510 will directly determine the future performance of Qualcomm, MediaTek, Samsung and even Huawei’s SoCs.

New! Arm’s comprehensive computing strategy accelerates the upgrade

According to reports, Arm Cortex-X2 is Arm’s most powerful CPU at present, and its performance is 30% higher than that of current flagship Android smartphones. In addition to peak performance, Cortex-X2 scales across flagship smartphones and laptops, allowing Arm’s partners to design scenarios-based computing power according to market needs.

The Arm Cortex-A710 is the first large-core CPU based on the Armv9 architecture. Compared with the Cortex-A78, the energy efficiency is improved by 30% and the performance is improved by 10%. With these performance and efficiency improvements, users will enjoy longer usage times and a more optimized user experience than ever before when running demanding apps on smartphones.

The Arm Cortex-A510 is the first high-efficiency small core launched by Arm in the past four years, with a 35% increase in performance and a more than three-fold increase in machine learning performance. The level of performance it brings is already close to the previous generation of big cores introduced a few years ago for smartphones, home devices and wearables.

In addition, in order to support the ecosystem’s performance needs, Arm will only provide 64-bit mobile application large cores and small cores in 2023. Because among the new three CPUs of Armv9 architecture, Cortex-X2 and Cortex-A510 only support AArch64 microarchitecture, they can no longer execute AArch32 code, and Cortex-A710 will still support AArch32.

Arm explained that this is mainly to meet the needs of the Chinese market, because the Chinese mobile application market lacks a similar ecosystem like the Google Play Store, and Chinese suppliers and applications need more time to transition to 64-bit applications.

This means that if you want to run a 32-bit application on an SoC using Arm’s new Cortex core, it can only run on the Cortex-A710 core.

However, Arm’s global partners are working hard to ensure that all apps will be 64-bit ready by the end of this year, providing consumers with a seamless experience.

Arm Mali GPU combo for market segment

Of course, in addition to the CPU, Arm has also upgraded a number of GPUs.

The visual experience remains the key for consumers to interact with and enjoy their devices, and Arm has launched a variety of GPUs for the widest range of applications, paired with Armv9 CPUs in a comprehensive computing solution to provide a superior user experience.

Mali has been the most shipped GPU for the past few years. The new Arm Mali-G710 is a high-performance GPU aimed at the flagship smartphone and growing Chromebook notebook market, delivering a 20 percent performance boost for compute-intensive experiences such as AAA high-fidelity games. For a variety of machine learning-related tasks, such as image enhancement in new camera and video modes, the Mali-G710 also delivers a 35% improvement in machine learning performance.

New! Arm’s comprehensive computing strategy accelerates the upgrade

Similar to last year, Arm launched the Arm Mali-G610 as a sub-flagship GPU. The GPU inherits all the features of the Mali-G710, but at a lower price, enabling partners to quickly respond to this growing market and bring high-end application scenarios to more developers and consumers.

Arm Mali-G510 achieves the perfect balance of performance and efficiency, delivering 100% performance improvement and 22% power saving optimization on mid-range smartphones, flagship smart TVs and set-top boxes, resulting in longer battery life and a 100% improvement % of machine learning performance.

The Arm Mali-G310 is Arm’s most efficient GPU, delivering the highest performance at the smallest area cost. With the Mali-G310, Valhall architecture and high-quality graphics technology will be introduced into lower-cost devices such as entry-level smartphones, AR devices, and wearables.

Comprehensive Computing Solutions

Arm’s new comprehensive computing solutions take a system-wide holistic optimization approach, spanning hardware IP, physical IP, software, tools and standards, providing Arm’s partners with a broader choice of use cases across all end-market segments and cost range.

New! Arm’s comprehensive computing strategy accelerates the upgrade

Comprehensive computing solutions will also unlock new experiences across the ecosystem, such as AI-enabled interactive scenarios designed for mobile devices that allow users to immerse themselves in watching rich 8K content on TVs. All of this, combined with security technology as a foundation, will build trusted digital services for the next decade.

At the heart of these solutions is Arm’s new IP suite, including the first Armv9 Cortex™ CPUs, Mali™ GPUs with exceptional graphics capabilities, and new CoreLink™ system IP.

Paul Williamson, senior vice president and general manager of the Endpoint Devices Group at Arm, said: “We are working to bring Armv9 technology to all areas to maximize performance with system-level design. The many advantages of secure dedicated processing power mean that Arm-based computing technology is building a leadership position beyond the smartphone market, leveraging the enormous scale advantages brought by the mobile ecosystem to create leading solutions in applications such as laptops, desktops, and the cloud.”

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