NI Appoints Thomas Benjamin as Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

NI Appoints Thomas Benjamin as Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

National Instruments announced the appointment of Thomas Benjamin as executive vice president, chief technology officer (CTO) and director of product analysis. Thomas will lead NI in developing the software-driven business model critical to the test and measurement market, while driving disruptive technology innovation. The CTO role is critical in driving the company to find new long-term growth opportunities, including new areas related to data, product analytics and enterprise software.

NI Appoints Thomas Benjamin as Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Thomas Benjamin is Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Head of Product Analysis at NI

In addition, the company announced the promotion of NI veteran leader Scott Rust to executive vice president of platforms and products. In this role, he will lead NI’s global development team, building products that meet customer needs and platform capabilities that create differentiation and leverage across NI’s business.

“NI has a strong leadership team, and the addition of Thomas will advance our ability to drive growth using software, data, and new business models,” said Eric Starkloff, CEO of NI. “Thomas’ external experience and software knowledge combine with Scott’s commitment to NI platforms and A deep understanding of our customers enables us to achieve a greater degree of success for our customers and our business.”

Thomas joins NI with extensive experience building software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud-native solutions based on APIs, data, and insights. His most recent position was CTO and Senior Vice President of Technology at SAP Ariba. Thomas’ career also includes CTO and Vice President at General Electric and Emirates Group, as well as technical leadership positions at Visa, Walmart and Oracle.

“NI is a leader in automated test and measurement hardware and software, which is a good match for my track record of enabling robust business models based on a strong technology foundation,” said Thomas Benjamin, NI CTO. The right combination of products provides value to customers, and I believe that the people at NI can unlock endless possibilities and change the way we design the future.”

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