NXP digital key solution extends secure car access to key fobs, smartphones, smart cards and other mobile devices

·Evolve car access control from 1-to-1 security transmission to many-to-many security transmission

Leverage the full role of the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) standard specification through Secure Element (SE) and NFC technology

Provide components and an end-to-end cybersecurity architecture to support the digitization of car access

Eindhoven, The Netherlands – March 10, 2020 – NXP Semiconductors NV (Nasdaq: NXPI) today announced a new automotive digital key solution that enables smartphones, key fobs and other Mobile devices are capable of securely storing, authenticating, securely communicating with vehicles, and sharing digital keys. The solution extends the reach and convenience of automotive access by providing the security foundation needed to enable new features such as key sharing, multi-car access and configurable driving privileges. The solution is based on NXP’s secure element and NFC chipset for automotive applications and follows version 2 of the Car Connectivity Consortium’s standardized specification, an architecture already supported by major global automakers, smartphone manufacturers and electronics suppliers.

Markus Staeblein, vice president and general manager of NXP Secure Car Access, said: “Consumers demand security solutions that support new lifestyles, driving the rapid growth in the digitization of car access. Imagine family and friends sharing car keys through smart devices, Fleet and car-sharing companies deliver your car-sharing orders online for you by providing the keys through the cloud.”

The digital key solution uses NXP’s NFC chipset and secure element technology, including the new NXP Secure Element for automotive applications, which can unlock and start the car from an NFC-enabled smartphone, a key fob or an NFC smart card that includes a digital key. The solution also supports the secure sharing of car access with other mobile devices, an advanced feature in the secure car access ecosystem. This solution can be seamlessly added to traditional remote or gated systems.

End-to-end security is achieved by deploying NXP Secure Elements on mobile and automotive. The embedded digital key applet leverages CCC’s standardized specifications for ecosystem interoperability. The solution uses NFC technology to trigger car access and driver authorization even when the phone’s battery is low.

Dr. Fabian Lanze, Head of Process and Security, Huf Secure Mobile, said: “Huf and NXP have worked together for many years to develop industry standards for communications between cars and smartphones. We have integrated NXP’s NFC readers into our cars. In the access control solution, according to the CCC standardization specification version 2, we jointly define the benchmark of unified technology, and continuously move towards digital key and version 3.”

Secure digital key management is also the basis for hands-free smart car access control, which will be defined in CCC version 3. As a result, NXP will combine the digital key solution with automotive Bluetooth (BLE) communication technology and the recently introduced Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology for precise and secure positioning.

NXP expects to bring greater convenience to these car access digitization technologies through security and interoperability standards. The end-to-end security of NXP’s digital key solutions connects a range of devices to the car, enabling smart, secure connections.


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