Pretend to be a class teacher!The police found 3 people acting in a joint act in the parent group to defraud money

News on was affected by the epidemic. This year, schools across the country delayed the opening of classes. Parent QQ groups and WeChat groups have become platforms for communication between teachers and parents of students. However, some criminals also took aim at the parent group. They tried their best to get into the group, sometimes pretending to be the parents of a certain student, sometimes pretending to be the head teacher, and switching between different roles freely. Their only purpose is to collect money.

On February 15th, in the WeChat group of the third grade of a middle school in Fancheng District, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, a WeChat account marked as the head teacher, Mr. Huang, issued a fee notice, asking parents to pay 750 yuan for materials for the new semester as soon as possible.

At first glance, it was the notice issued by the class teacher. Many parents immediately transferred money to the payment code provided by the other party. At this moment, another WeChat account with the same avatar and name as the head teacher Huang also sent a message asking parents to stop the transfer immediately. A transfer is required for a while, and transfer is forbidden for a while. With the same profile picture and the same name, who is the real teacher Huang?

At this time, the 110 Command Center of Xiangyang Public Security Bureau received a report from this school. Through police verification, the teacher Huang who later asked parents to stop the transfer in the group was the real head teacher.

The police started the investigation through the QR code information left by the suspect, combed and verified more than 20 bank accounts and the flow of funds and information of the three-party payment, and finally locked up 3 suspects from Guangxi.

On February 20th, under the active cooperation of Guangxi Public Security Bureau, criminal suspects Ning, Zhang, and Peng came to the case and seized a number of mobile phones, cash and other items used in the crime.

In addition to impersonating the head teacher, in order to convince parents, the other two suspects impersonated the parents of the students. No matter what information the fake head teacher releases, the two fake parents will actively cater to them to achieve the purpose of fraud.

Such cases are not alone. This was a case that occurred in Liuhe District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province on February 29. The parents of a kindergarten were targeted by criminal suspects.

According to kindergarten teacher Ms. Cao, in mid-February, a man claimed to be the parent of a student in her class and applied to join their kindergarten’s parent QQ group. After reporting the child’s personal information, the man went well. Obtained the teacher’s trust and merged into the group.

After lurking for a few days, the man changed his QQ avatar and nickname to the avatar of the kindergarten life teacher, and imitated the teacher’s tone to post a tuition fee of 3,800 yuan in the group, and at the same time posted a message in the group. Receive payment QR code. In just two minutes after this information was released in the group, many parents responded with confirmation.

The kindergarten teacher kicked the scammer out of the QQ group and reported to the police. At the same time, he called every parent as soon as possible to tell them not to be fooled. And because of the kindergarten’s prompt disposal, the scammer did not get a penny this time.

In response to the frequent occurrence of such fraud cases, on February 17, 2020, the Office of the Joint Conference of the Ministry of Education for the National Governance of Unreasonable Charges in Education issued an early warning on the use of online teaching in the name of online teaching during the epidemic prevention and control period. It is recommended that the majority of elementary and middle school students and parents, while actively preventing and controlling the epidemic and conducting online learning in an orderly manner, must be vigilant and aware of charges related to fees in this name to avoid being deceived and unnecessary. Economic loss. Once a suspicious situation is discovered, it should be reported to the school and teachers in a timely manner, and relevant evidence should be preserved and the report should be reported in time.

Educational departments and schools at all levels must follow the principle of “who is in charge, who is responsible for development, who is responsible for who chooses and who is responsible for”, conscientiously implement the main responsibility for network security of education mobile Internet applications, establish a sound education mobile application management responsibility system, and earnestly Protect the vital interests of teachers, students and parents. For WeChat groups and QQ groups established by schools and classes, we must strictly implement the management responsibilities of the group owner, strictly verify the identities of all members, strictly implement the real-name system, strictly enter the group approval and verification, and prevent strangers from entering the group at will, and doubts about their identities. Clear out the group as soon as possible. For compliant fees that really need to be paid online, it is recommended that students and parents confirm with the school and teacher, and do not make online payments blindly.

In this regard, the police also reminded that all persons entering the group must do four things:

Take a look: Look at the true identity of the applicant.

Two open: open the group entry verification information.

Three checks: Check the content posted by suspicious accounts.

Four cores: verify payment information.

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