Shaanxi Intellectual Property’s “14th Five-Year Plan”: Intellectual Property Layout Centering on High-end Integrated Circuits and Other “Stuck Neck” Fields

Recently, Shaanxi Provincial Intellectual Property Office issued the “14th Five-Year Plan for Intellectual Property Development of Shaanxi Province” (hereinafter referred to as “Plan”).

The “Plan” proposes that by 2025, the main indicators of intellectual property output will increase steadily, the number of high-value invention patents per 10,000 population will reach 8, the annual number of PCT patent applications will reach 900, and the number of copyright registrations will reach 150,000.

The “Plan” mentions that it is necessary to comprehensively improve the level of intellectual property creation, accelerate the transformation and application of intellectual property rights, strengthen intellectual property protection, comprehensively promote efficient intellectual property management, improve intellectual property service support capabilities, strengthen intellectual property talent and cultural development, and promote knowledge. Open cooperation in property rights.

Comprehensively improve the level of intellectual property creation

Vigorously cultivate high-value invention patents. Relying on Qinchuangyuan’s innovation-driven platform, it focuses on the province’s leading industries such as aerospace, energy and chemical industry, equipment manufacturing, Electronic information, new materials, biomedicine, and modern agriculture, integrated circuits, new energy vehicles, power transmission and transformation, CNC machine tools, Coal chemical industry, drones, industrial robots, 3D printing and other iconic industrial chains, vigorously cultivate high-value invention patents, and strengthen the creation and storage of independent intellectual property rights in key areas. The layout of intellectual property rights will focus on key technologies in the “neck” fields such as clean conversion and efficient utilization of energy and chemical resources in Shaanxi Province, advanced metal materials, high-end integrated circuits and advanced semiconductor devices, and intelligent manufacturing. Promote the improvement of the quality and value-oriented intellectual property evaluation index system, and guide innovation resources to focus on the creation of high-value inventions and patents. Promote the priority examination of patents to focus on key industries, key enterprises and high-value invention patents. Completely cancel the patent funding policy, and focus on increasing policy support for subsequent transformation and application, administrative protection and public services.

Accelerate the transformation and application of intellectual property rights

Implement incentive policies for the transformation and utilization of intellectual property rights. Promote the implementation of the state and Shaanxi’s income distribution system for intellectual property transformation of colleges and universities and state-owned enterprises, and reduce the liability risk in the transformation of intellectual property rights. Promote the implementation of the policy of reducing and exempting income tax for the transfer and licensing of intellectual property rights of small and medium-sized enterprises, promote market players to increase investment in innovation activities, and accelerate the transformation of intellectual property rights. Implement a special plan for patent transformation, speed up the orderly transfer and transformation of patents from universities and research institutes to small and medium-sized enterprises, and help small and medium-sized enterprises to innovate and develop. Guide and encourage patent holders to integrate independent intellectual property rights into technical standards, and promote the coordinated development of technology, patents and standards. Shaanxi Provincial Intellectual Property Operation and Trading Center was established. Increase the support of special funds for the development of Shaanxi’s cultural industry, enhance the function of Shaanxi’s copyright trade and protection platform, and effectively promote copyright trade. Do a good job in the selection of patent awards, and select a group of high-value patent projects that can lead the high-end industrial development of Shaanxi Province. Promote the promotion of the awarding level of patent awards in Shaanxi Province.

Enhance the ability of enterprises to use intellectual property rights. The main position of enterprise innovation shall be more prominent, and the innovation of enterprise organization system and operation mode shall be promoted with the deepening of the implementation of intellectual property standards as the starting point. Promote the implementation of the “Innovative Enterprise Take-off Action Plan”, improve the enterprise innovation service system, focus on serving innovative leading enterprises, “specialized and innovative” small and medium-sized enterprises and high-tech enterprises to improve the comprehensive utilization of intellectual property rights, and promote the implementation of innovative enterprises. “Double Hundred Projects” for listing and innovating talents to create wealth.

Strengthen intellectual property protection

Strengthen judicial protection of intellectual property rights. Promote the “three-in-one” trial mechanism for intellectual property civil, criminal and administrative cases. Promote the establishment of Xi’an Intellectual Property Court. Apply the punitive compensation system in accordance with the law, increase the infringer’s burden of proof, and increase the compensation for intellectual property damage. Study and establish an infringement damage assessment system, and speed up the construction of professional intellectual property judicial appraisal institutions. Explore the establishment of a notarization reward and evidence collection system for infringements, actively play the supporting role of notarization in the process of handling infringement cases, and focus on solving the problem of difficulty in producing evidence for rights holders.

Strengthen the administrative protection of intellectual property rights. Promote the implementation of territorial responsibility for intellectual property protection by party committees and governments of all cities and counties (districts). Focus on key areas, key links, and key groups, carry out special campaigns for intellectual property enforcement and protection, and severely crack down on intellectual property infringement and counterfeiting. Strengthen the protection of the entire copyright chain, continue to promote the legalization of software, and crack down on copyright infringement in accordance with the law. Establish a long-term mechanism for special rectification work against infringement of new plant variety rights, and increase efforts to create and protect breeding materials. Strengthen the integrated collaborative governance of online and offline, and promote the protection of intellectual property rights in the field of e-commerce.

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