Shentianma A: Mini LED products are currently mainly for automotive customers

On July 27, Shentianma A stated on the interactive platform that at present, Mini LED is mainly aimed at the backlight application of Display screens, and has advantages in energy saving effect and display performance. The company has independently developed driving algorithms for different architectures to provide customers with a variety of solutions. At present, it is mainly for vehicle-mounted customers, and will be promoted according to the progress and needs of customers.

In addition, the company’s main business focuses on small and medium-sized display applications, mainly producing display screens and display modules, not involving TV displays.

Shentianma A said that according to Omdia data, in 2020, the company’s vehicle-mounted business won the championship in both the overall market (16.2% share) and the single instrument (32.9% share), and achieved sales revenue growth and the number and amount of new DesignWin projects were higher than the same period. In addition, the company continued to lead in multiple market segments such as high-end medical care, smart home, and VoIP.

At present, the supply range of Shentianma vehicle products has covered major automakers such as Chinese, European, American, Japanese, and Korean automakers, among which the coverage rate of global international customers (Top24Tier1) reaches 92%, and it has obtained world-renowned companies such as Continental, Visteon, Bosch, etc. Highly recognized by automotive electronics manufacturers; 100% coverage of China’s own brands (Top10).

It is understood that the company’s display product shipments in the fields of LTPS smart phones, LCD full screen, and automotive, industrial control, medical and other display fields continue to lead the world. The industry’s leading competitive advantage is obvious, and the company will continue to improve. The small and medium-sized display market is mostly customized products. In addition to supply and demand affecting the price, the product price is more based on the breakdown of each company’s customer structure, product strategy, risk defense capabilities and other factors. Different demand solutions Prices will also vary, and the key lies in how to quickly meet the needs of different customers and markets.

Not long ago, Shentianma A released a semi-annual performance forecast saying that the company expects to achieve a net profit of 1.16 billion-1.3 billion yuan attributable to shareholders of listed companies from January to June 2021, a year-on-year increase of 55.83%-74.63%; The profit was 744 million yuan.

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