Sino-American Crystal invests in Transphorm to deepen the layout of gallium nitride

① Sino-American Crystal invests in Transphorm to deepen the layout of gallium nitride

Sino-American Crystal announced that it will invest US$15 million in Transphorm, an American company, to acquire a 5.84% stake. It hopes to deepen its layout in the field of gallium nitride (GaN) through a strategic alliance with Transphorm. Zhongmeijing acquired about 3 million ordinary shares of Transphorm at US$5 per share, holding about 5.84% of the shares, and the total amount was US$15 million, including US$5 million invested in August. According to reports, Sino-American Crystal said that the strategic alliance between the two parties will help Transphorm expand the supply chain of GaN epiwafers. Global Wafers, a semiconductor silicon wafer fab under Sino-American Crystal, will partner with Transphorm to supply Transphorm’s GaN epiwafers to help Transphorm increase its production capacity.

②In order to seize the market share of automotive electronics, Galaxy Microelectronics plans to raise 400 million oversized automotive-grade semiconductors

Galaxy Microelectronics announced that it plans to issue convertible bonds to raise no more than 500 million yuan, of which 400 million yuan will be invested in the industrialization project of automotive-grade semiconductor devices, and 100 million yuan will be used to supplement working capital. The announcement shows that the automotive-grade project will purchase advanced chip manufacturing equipment, packaging and testing equipment, and automotive-grade semiconductor discrete device testing and testing equipment, introduce professional R&D and production personnel, and build a whole process of chip design, manufacturing and packaging and testing. The vehicle-grade semiconductor discrete device production line increases the company’s production capacity for high-end semiconductor discrete devices.

③China Micro Semiconductor becomes the first customer of Hua Hong Semiconductor’s new 12-inch 55nm eFlash process platform

The 90nm eFlash MCU, 90nm BCD motor driver, 55nm eFlash MCU and other products of China Micro Semiconductor (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. achieved mass production in the 12-inch production line of Hua Hong No. 7 Factory. It is understood that China Micro Semiconductor is one of Hua Hong Semiconductor’s long-term customers of MCU and power management, and it is also the first customer of the new 12-inch 55nm eFlash process platform, helping Hua Hong Semiconductor to expand the process platform from 8 inches to 12 inches. .

④TSMC will set up a wafer fab in Kaohsiung next year and start mass production in 2024

According to Taiwan’s “Economic Daily”, “United News Network”, “Dongsen News Network”, TSMC confirmed this evening that in response to market demand, TSMC has decided on the 9th that it will set up production in Kaohsiung. 7nm and 28nm process The fab is expected to start construction in 2022 and start mass production in 2024.

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