SMIC’s 7nm process comes out in Q4: 20% performance increase and 57% power consumption reduction

TSMC and Samsung will mass-produce the 5nm process this year, and domestic advanced processes are still catching up. SMIC, the largest wafer foundry, mass-produced the 14nm process at the end of last year, bringing in 1% of the revenue and revenue of $7.69 million. , but this process technology can already meet 95% of the domestic demand.

The 14nm and improved 12nm processes are SMIC’s first-generation FinFET process, and they are also developing more advanced N+1 and N+2 FinFET processes, which are equivalent to low-power and high-performance versions of the 7nm process.

According to Dr. Liang Mengsong, co-CEO of SMIC, compared with 14nm, the N+1 process improves performance by 20%, reduces power consumption by 57%, reduces the logic area by 63%, and reduces the SoC area by 55%.

After N+1, there will be N+2. These two processes have similar performance in power consumption. The difference lies in performance and cost. N+2 is obviously for high performance, and the cost will increase.

As for the EUV lithography machine that has attracted much attention, Liang Mengsong said that in the current environment, the N+1 and N+2 generation processes will not use the EUV process. After the equipment is ready, the N+2 process may have several layers of masks using EUV, and the subsequent processes A large-scale shift to EUV lithography will take place.

The most important thing now is when SMIC’s 7nm will be mass-produced. The latest news says that SMIC’s N+1 FinFET process has been imported by customers (but the customer list has not been announced), and small-scale production in Q4 this year – this news is more than before. The revelations are better, and the progress is faster.

In order to accelerate advanced process production capacity, SMIC’s capital expenditure this year will reach 3.1 billion US dollars (the company’s annual revenue is only about 3 billion US dollars), of which 2 billion US dollars will be used for SMIC’s Shanghai 12-inch wafer fab, $500 million for the Beijing 12-inch fab.

Author: Xian Rui

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