Synchronoss personal cloud solution is fully integrated into the Assurant Pocket Geek platform

Synchronoss Technologies, Inc., a global leader and innovator of cloud, messaging, digital and IoT products, announced that Synchronoss’ personal cloud solution has been fully integrated into the Assurant Pocket Geek platform, delivering enhanced devices to leading North American carriers and content protection solutions.

Assurant, Inc., a leader in mobile device protection and market management solutions, selected Synchronoss’ personal cloud platform to add value to its mobile device protection services, improve customer experience and generate revenue opportunities for customers.

“By bundling Synchronoss’ personal cloud solution onto our Pocket Geek platform, we will be able to provide customers with meaningful ways to process their content while protecting their valuable personal data across a variety of devices and operating systems ,” said Manny Becerra, president of global connected living at Assurant. “We are excited to offer our customers and theirs the industry’s most comprehensive and feature-rich mobile protection and personal cloud solutions in an age where protection and management of consumer digital content is critical.”

The completion of the integration means that customers of Assurant customers will be able to conveniently back up all personal data on their device via Assurant’s Pocket Geek Device Protection App. In the event of device damage or loss, customers will be able to protect and restore their content, while also accessing important new features bundled into their protector via the Pocket Geek Cloud companion app, such as highlighting, flashback, tag and search, pictures Editing and photo printing functions.

“We see great value in partnering with Assurant to provide global operators with new options such as simplified device and content protection plans and bundles, and we look forward to completing additional planned deployments, including a partnership with a leading UK-based operator in the second half of 2020. mobile operator collaboration,” said Glenn Lurie, Synchronoss President and CEO, “Our goal is to empower global operators to protect the complete customer relationship, including device and content, while generating new incremental revenue streams that enable Consumers can access and process their content in the cloud with peace of mind and ease.”

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