TE Connectivity participates in the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference Cloud Summit

Shanghai, China – July 9, 2020 – TE Connectivity (hereinafter referred to as “TE”) participated in the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference Cloud Summit (hereinafter referred to as the “Summit”) today. Focusing on the theme of “Intelligent Connected World, Common Home”, TE talked about the evolution of AI with influential companies, experts and related institutions in the field of artificial intelligence (hereinafter referred to as “AI”), especially how to empower connection and sensing technology AI, and shared insights into the future of healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation.

Mr. Lai Yongge, Vice President and General Manager of TE China, said: “Artificial intelligence is an important component in the current national strategic deployment of ‘new infrastructure construction’, and it is also one of the core driving forces for a new round of industrial transformation. The foundation of artificial intelligence Relying on high-quality, reliable and accurate data capture and transmission, TE hopes to promote the development of new infrastructure through our advanced connection and sensing technology, meet the needs of artificial intelligence for data mining and application, and thus help Artificial intelligence is deeply integrated with the real economy to create a more secure, sustainable, efficient and interconnected future.”

AI powers smart manufacturing and speeds up smart factories

In addition to assisting the development of AI at the level of product innovation, TE continues to invest in applying AI to its own operations and production. On the one hand, the application of intelligent technology helps TE to improve the quality and efficiency of production and form a differentiated manufacturing advantage; Help customers to better upgrade intelligently and build the factory of the future.

Take product inspection as an example: TE innovatively applied AI to the quality inspection process, introduced AI microscopes, and developed adaptive algorithms for them: AI microscopes use machine vision technology to collect a large number of product photos, and use machine learning methods , automatically generate the standards of qualified products, which are used for the detection and quality judgment of production line products. AI microscopes have several advantages: 1. AI microscopes can automatically learn the quality standards of products without additional programming; Save a large number of actual product pictures for continuous learning, so that the detection accuracy can be continuously improved. Currently, TE has deployed dozens of AI microscopes in factories around the world.

Sensing technology, the starting point of big data and AI

Artificial intelligence must fully empower the intelligent transformation of various industries, and high-quality data is the primary productive force. Sensors are one of the core technologies for big data and AI. At this summit, TE paid special attention to the field of smart medical care, and released the “Report on the Development of Medical Application Sensors in the Intelligent Era” on the eve of the summit, explaining that medical application sensors are used in three areas of “medical equipment”, “big health” and “Internet medical care”. The typical applications, technical characteristics and technical value of the core fields of big smart medical care promote the digital and intelligent development of the medical and health industry.

“As the starting point of big data and AI, breakthroughs in sensing technology are providing more possibilities for smart medical care.” Mr. Chen Guanghui, general manager of the Asia-Pacific region of TE’s sensor business unit, shared, “TE sensor is based on core chip research and development. , leading electrical design and diversified packaging technology, can achieve high-precision, high-stability and fast-response data capture and interoperability, meet the needs of low power consumption and miniaturization industry applications, covering sleep monitoring, chronic disease monitoring and other “windows” ‘Scenario, helping the in-depth integration of artificial intelligence and medical services.”

Cultivate engineering talents and activate innovative applications of AI

TE is by no means limited to its own business in promoting the technological development and innovative application of AI. Since 2018, the TE automation manufacturing technology team has launched the TE AI CUP competition to create a platform for future engineers to combine theory and practice to jointly explore the infinite possibilities of AI technology.

In the first TE AI CUP competition, eight college student teams from both sides of the Taiwan Strait used the smart kits provided by TE, and under the guidance of TE senior engineers, they carried out bold designs and recommendations in the fields of AI machine vision, image intelligent stitching, and intelligent recommendation. Rigorous development, personal experience of how sensors and connectors can realize the “big wisdom” of artificial intelligence with “small parts”, and also inject their own whimsy into the development of artificial intelligence technology.

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