Tencent Authorized (Shanxi) Regional Marketing Service Center Landed in Taiyuan

On June 16, the Tencent authorized (Shanxi) regional marketing service center officially landed in Taiyuan, becoming the sixth regional marketing service center of Tencent Advertising in the country. At the launching ceremony, representatives from Tencent, Jinyuan District Government of Taiyuan City and Shanxi Jingxuan Technology Group Co., Ltd., the co-organizer, jointly witnessed the completion of the regional marketing service center.

After the establishment of the center, it will provide digital marketing solutions for Shanxi enterprises, and cooperate closely with Shanxi Jingxuan, a regional service provider who has been cultivating the local market for many years, to help Shanxi enterprises achieve digital innovation and upgrade, and enhance the competition of local brands in the region and across the country force.

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