The back wave” Pinduoduo surpasses the “front wave”, who will become the tiger in the mountain between the two top e-commerce companies

The back wave” Pinduoduo surpasses the “front wave”, who will become the tiger in the mountain between the two top e-commerce companies

The back wave” Pinduoduo surpasses the “front wave”, who will become the tiger in the mountain between the two top e-commerce companies

Who is more worthy of expectation between Pinduoduo and

On May 12, when the U.S. stock market opened, Pinduoduo once rose by more than 8%, and its stock price exceeded $59, setting a new record high! Its market value is reported at US$71 billion, surpassing’s US$70.2 billion. As of now, Pinduoduo’s share price is $60.84, with a market value of $72.864 billion;’s share price is $48.96, with a market value of $71.904 billion.

The back wave” Pinduoduo surpasses the “front wave”, who will become the tiger in the mountain between the two top e-commerce companies

The back wave” Pinduoduo surpasses the “front wave”, who will become the tiger in the mountain between the two top e-commerce companies

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So far, Pinduoduo ranks fourth in the market value ranking of domestic Internet companies, followed by Alibaba, Tencent Holdings, and Meituan Dianping. After crushing, Pinduoduo has also become the second largest e-commerce platform in China. Pinduoduo’s share price has hit record highs in a row, and from the perspective of market sentiment, it is quite trusted by investors.

With the market value of Pinduoduo surpassing that of, there has been a new heated discussion about who is the second largest e-commerce company. On Snowball, the topic of who is more optimistic about Pinduoduo and has also attracted many users to participate. In the end, Pinduoduo Who has greater development prospects with Jingdong? Among these views, what are their reasons for supporting Pinduoduo or

The first quarter earnings report is coming

Who is more worthy of expectation between Pinduoduo and

It is reported that Pinduoduo will release its first-quarter 2020 financial report before the market on May 22, and will release its first-quarter 2020 financial report before the US stock market opens on May 15, 2020 EST. The first quarter financial report is about to be released, and the outside world is also full of expectations for the performance of the two e-commerce giants.

Previously, according to Bloomberg’s consensus market expectations,’s Q1 revenue is expected to be 136.666 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.9%; net profit is expected to be 324 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 95.6%; adjusted net profit is expected to be 1.261 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 61.7% %.

The confidence to give growth expectations comes from the unexpected performance of JD Logistics during the epidemic. Compared with the four links and one delivery, has basically resumed work as early as February 22, and it still maintains efficient and normal operations during the epidemic. JD Logistics has played a better role in distribution during the epidemic, which is also better than Alibaba and Alibaba. Pinduoduo.

After the release of the last quarterly financial report, Huang Zheng, chairman and CEO of Pinduoduo, talked about the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the company during the earnings conference call, saying that the disruption caused by the epidemic will have a negative impact on the company’s performance in the first quarter of 2020. Negative impact, but our long-term expectations remain unchanged. Obviously, under the influence of the epidemic, Pinduoduo’s performance growth in the first quarter may face a year-on-year decline.

According to expectations, still has certain advantages in terms of performance growth, but the number of users concerned by the outside world is also a key data indicator. In the past two years, the rise of Pinduoduo has intensified the competition in the e-commerce industry. In terms of the most important number of new active users, the user growth of Alibaba and is not as good as that of Pinduoduo.

The back wave” Pinduoduo surpasses the “front wave”, who will become the tiger in the mountain between the two top e-commerce companies

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Although from the perspective of user data, Pinduoduo’s growth performance is higher than that of, it is still necessary to explore from multiple perspectives to determine which company has more development prospects. On Snowball, many users who follow Pinduoduo and are very concerned about the development trend of the two companies. They are also talking freely about who has more development prospects. Who is more “popular” support between Pinduoduo and

Behind the new high market value of Pinduoduo and

Who is more popular with domestic users?

According to Gelonghui research report: When the domestic epidemic is the most serious in February and March, the market generally believes that e-commerce will be affected, and the ranking from high to low is Pinduoduo > Taobao Tmall > JD. However, two months have passed. , the market logic has completely changed, and there has been a major reversal. Now the market predicts that Pinduoduo will recover better than Taobao, Tmall and after the epidemic.

The market value of Pinduoduo surpassing this time also reflects that market investors have gradually shown their preference. There are also different opinions on the discussion between Pinduoduo and on the snowball platform where domestic investors gather. Who gets more supportive voices? Woolen cloth?

1. From the perspective of model comparison, Pinduoduo is better than

Some snowball users believe that Pinduoduo is a platform model, and is a super merchant. I think everyone’s market value will be the same order of magnitude within a year. Pinduoduo’s biggest rival is Taobao + Juhuasuan, and’s rival is Tmall + Cainiao. If I had to choose one of these two companies, I would still choose Pinduoduo.

Huang Zheng, like the rising sun, has been on the rise; Jingdong has some negative news, and he needs to let go of many things in the past and start again. Yes, even a listed company of this size cannot escape founder determinism.

There are also snowball users who think that I am more optimistic about Pinduoduo because it is down-to-earth. The first point: Pinduoduo’s development strategy meets most people’s standards. Pinduoduo’s development strategy is “low price”. With Pinduoduo, various low-cost solutions such as group grouping and bargaining can fully satisfy this part of the shopping needs. It is precisely because of this development strategy that many users like to buy things on Pinduoduo.

The second point is that Pinduoduo has the advantage of “full-court package delivery”. Anyone who has bought things on Pinduoduo knows that all Pinduoduo items are free of postage. Even if you only buy something for a few dollars on this, you don’t need to pay for postage in the end. And this is exactly what many users like. Pinduoduo just has such a good thing that you don’t need to pay for shipping. No matter what you buy, you don’t need to worry about shipping. It just meets the appetite of users, so many people will choose Pinduoduo.

For the first quarter financial report, users on Snowball also believe that both parties will have excellent performance.

2. From the perspective of service comparison, is better than Pinduoduo

For e-commerce platforms, the business model also includes services, especially for e-commerce platforms, what they do is the business between merchants and consumers. Good service is the key to gaining market recognition from both the B-side and the C-side. In terms of services, many Snowball users recognize’s services more.

In their view,’s conscientious enterprises focus on service, safety and reliability; on the contrary, Pinduoduo focuses on saving money, grasping the idea that people love to take advantage of small things, and saving if they can save. In the long run, has potential for development. stronger.’s performance consistency has begun to appear, and there is an expectation of returning to Hong Kong for financing. The warehousing and logistics system is far better than Pinduoduo, the cost is also lower, and the certainty is stronger. If Pinduoduo is gone, ordinary people will not be affected at all. If Jingdong Ali is gone, it will have a great impact. At present, has no domestic competitors, and Ali has been trying to do it before.

3. In terms of profit model, is better than Pinduoduo

In terms of profitability, Pinduoduo has been in a loss-making stage since its listing, and this is also a point of concern for many investors. On the contrary, reversed its profit and loss in the last quarter and achieved profitability, and the scale of profit is still very optimistic. From this perspective, many Snowball users stand on’s side.

They believe that Pinduoduo has outperformed in share price for the second time since 2020. Compared with the stock price at the beginning of the year, the market value of Pinduoduo has increased by more than 40%. This time the stock price rose, and Pinduoduo also achieved contrarian growth when the US stock market closed lower across the board on Tuesday. However, although Pinduoduo’s share price has risen, its profitability has never been proven.

Since its listing in 2018, Pinduoduo has not achieved break-even in the first quarter. Almost all the money earned by the platform has been invested in marketing and subsidies. This method has become more aggressive this year. Quarterly profits are a cause for concern. The development of e-commerce platforms cannot escape the loss-making stage. Taobao and both experienced years of making ends meet in the early stages of the company’s establishment. For Pinduoduo, the carriage of subsidies and marketing is moving forward, and how to make profits as soon as possible is the most concerned issue for capital.

4. Pinduoduo and each have their own strengths and coexistence and become stronger and stronger

Of course, there is another voice that is optimistic that both Pinduoduo and will develop better. As giants in the e-commerce industry, it is not accidental that they can reach their current status, but rely on their own strength to break through the siege step by step. Some Snowball users think that both are good, but the mode and positioning are different. Pinduoduo, winning by quantity, the key is cheap. wins with fast service, focusing on convenience and good after-sales. Different customer groups, two coexist!

At present, both Pinduoduo and are still on the rise. Judging from the stock price performance of the two companies, they are both hitting new highs repeatedly, which shows that the market sentiment is still chanting their development. Although they will both face certain growth pressures, with the scale effect Increase, these two platforms still have greater development prospects.

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