The total investment in integrated circuits is 160 billion!Investment promotion momentum in Lingang New Area is strong

The reporter learned from a press conference held by the Shanghai Municipal Government on September 24 that since the beginning of this year, the industrial development of the Lingang New Area, especially the investment attraction, has shown a strong momentum. The investment reached 160 billion; 24 projects in the field of biomedicine were contracted collectively, with a total investment of 16 billion.

“Although the amount of investment contracted by biomedicine is one ‘0’ less than that of integrated circuits, it is not easy for the biomedical industry to invest 16 billion. There are still many well-known companies that have settled in the Lingang New Area. “Blue Bay’ area.” said Liu Ping, chief engineer of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology.

Liu Ping said that Shanghai has launched 26 characteristic industrial parks in the first batch this year. The three parks, “Oriental Core Port”, “Life Blue Bay”, and “Large Aircraft Park”, are located in the Lingang New Area. In addition, the “Information Flying Fish” global digital economy innovation island is also being cultivated as a reserve of characteristic industrial parks. Each of these industrial parks has its own characteristics. In general, four “specialties” are highlighted.

Highlight feature positioning

Through tailor-made industrial planning, focusing on subdivided industrial fields, targeting key core links, and cultivating characteristic industrial chains, each park has a “unique” “characteristic signboard”.

Highlight features

For example, the main zoning innovation system of the Yangshan Special Comprehensive Bonded Zone will help reduce the import cost of R&D equipment, improve the efficiency of technological R&D, and increase the level of trade facilitation. For another example, in the “Large Aircraft Park”, the policy effect spillover through the Yangshan Special Comprehensive Bonded Zone will help manufacturing companies to establish manufacturing bases, R&D centers, and settlement centers in the zone.

Highlight the characteristic policy

The new area has formulated a “1+4+X” industrial policy system to support the development of key industries. For example, the “Life Blue Bay” Industrial Park, combined with the version 2.0 special policy for the biomedical industry, can provide up to 500 million yuan in support of key core technology research and development and product breakthroughs, and major leading industrial projects, and encourage market players to innovate in technology and products; For example, the “Information Flying Fish” Industrial Park, as an important carrier for the construction of an international data port, will explore international cooperation mechanisms for cross-border data circulation and help build an international hub port for the “Digital Silk Road”.

Highlight special services

On the one hand, each characteristic industrial park will establish a full-process, all-weather, and all-round service mechanism for the entire process of project investment, start, construction, completion, and commissioning, so that the characteristic industrial park will become the “first window” of the business environment of the new district. . On the other hand, for major industrial projects, the municipal industry authority and the Lingang New Area Management Committee will establish a joint promotion mechanism and set up “specialized work teams” to serve industrial projects with optimal business processes for implementation.

Liu Ping said that in the next step, Lingang New Area will follow the construction path of focusing on one area, developing one area, building one area, and radiating one area, polishing up the “golden sign” of the characteristic industrial park in Lingang New Area, and strive to pass 3-5 years of hard work. , To promote the formation of new bright spots in the industrial innovation of characteristic parks, and to achieve new breakthroughs in the enhancement of functions.


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