The unstoppable road of self-study! In addition to the baseband, Apple will also develop its own RF chips to replace Broadcom and Qorvo

Apple is expanding the autonomy of key chips. In addition to the processor and some peripheral devices that have already achieved autonomy, it has also been revealed in the past two days that Apple is about to replace Qualcomm with its own baseband. In addition, according to Taiwan Economic Daily, Apple is also in full swing. Self-developed radio frequency (RF) components, it seems that in addition to the battery, screen, camera and other components in the mobile phone, Apple basically has to develop it by itself!

Apple’s RF chips will follow the foundry model of its A-series processors and M-series processors to find TSMC, and hand over all self-designed RF components to the leading gallium arsenide foundry for stable production, and Apple will directly tie the stable production capacity, not By placing an order through the chip design factory, the relationship between the two parties is closer, which helps to stabilize the gross profit margin.


This is another important strategy for Apple to self-manage key components after the iPhone’s A-series processors, the Mac’s M-series processors, and baseband chips. Wen Mao declined to comment on Apple’s plans to independently develop radio frequency components.

Industry insiders pointed out that Wenmao announced without warning this year that it would spend 85 billion yuan (NTD) to expand production, creating the largest investment amount in the gallium arsenide industry. The mystery seems to be solved as Apple plans to independently develop radio frequency components. In the future, the largest source of orders for Wenmao’s new factory is Apple.

Previously, the A-series and M-series processor OEM orders were injected into TSMC’s operations, which also gave TSMC a strong source of orders in advanced manufacturing processes.

At present, Apple’s RF components are mainly supplied by major manufacturers such as Broadcom and Qorvo. Industry insiders believe that in the future, Apple will directly tie up the new production capacity, and will no longer place orders through the chip design factory.

Industry insiders pointed out that Apple quietly approached TSMC to discuss the independent development of A-series processors. It took about two years from the final decision to the launch of the first self-developed processor. The timing of the production capacity is consistent, which indeed leads to the association of whether there is a further cooperation plan with Apple.

In addition, although Wenmao has grabbed up to 70% of the market share in the power amplifier (PA) market, which is higher than TSMC’s market share in foundry (nearly 60%), but Wenmao suddenly invested 85 billion yuan. After the production capacity is fully opened, the monthly production capacity can more than triple (from 41,000 pieces to 140,000 to 150,000 pieces), if such a move is not in a “very sure” situation It is actually quite risky, and it also shows that Wen Mao may have reached some consensus with Apple.


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