Unity Technologies and NXP collaborate to develop human-machine interface for high-fidelity immersive gaming in the car

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – January 8, 2020 – Unity Technologies, the founder of the world’s most widely used real-time 3D development platform, today announced that it is partnering with NXP Semiconductors NV, the world’s largest supplier of automotive semiconductors. , NASDAQ: NXPI) to provide an HMI toolchain running on the popular i.MX 8QuadMax applications processor. The toolchain enables OEMs to modernize the driving experience in mass-production vehicles using the market-leading real-time 3D rendering technology. This partnership creates an opportunity for Unity to license a wide range of 2D/3D content, especially Unity-licensed 3D games, enabling them to run in today’s production vehicles, regardless of vehicle interior trim and price. At the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week, the two companies will showcase the HMI toolchain at the NXP booth at Central Plaza 18.

Tim McDonough, general manager of industrial at Unity Technologies, said: “No matter what new car consumers have, no matter the price, they want to be able to stay connected to all their devices. However, for those consumers who are price sensitive, unless they want to Buy a more premium configuration or luxury car, otherwise this is not the case. Through Unity’s partnership with NXP, immersive HMI systems can be more affordable to integrate into a variety of vehicles, giving consumers the opportunity to experience high fidelity An immersive interface through which you can play games, connect your smartphone, and interact with the vehicle as if you were in a $100,000 vehicle.”

Unity’s real-time 3D platform is future-proof, allowing OEMs to reduce conflict and risk in iterative design development, while providing UI/UX designers, artists, developers, engineers with a best-in-class experience and a unified HMI toolchain (covering design, full product cycle for prototyping, development, and volume product deployment), increasing efficiency and speed. Additionally, Unity offers customizable content through the Asset Store, created by millions of developers.

Ron Martino, vice president and general manager of i.MX applications processors at NXP Semiconductors, said: “NXP’s i.MX 8 QuadMax applications processors enable new personalized interactive control centers for future immersive infotainment experiences Support. With expanded digital instrumentation, our innovative infotainment and in-vehicle automotive solutions adapt seamlessly to driver preferences, while advanced HMI support enables voice commands, gestures, augmented reality and advanced personalization—everything to keep driving safe Staff safety is the premise.”

The HMI toolchain uses Unity’s Universal Rendering Pipeline (URP). This is a pre-built scriptable rendering pipeline that optimizes real-time performance, allowing the use of high-quality graphics that scale to mobile platforms. Users can achieve fast rendering and high performance at high quality without using compute shader technology.

In addition to its partnership with NXP, Unity is working with 8 of the top 10 global automotive OEMs to help improve the way they design, build, service and sell their cars. The company continues to invest in its automotive and manufacturing divisions by bringing in experts from companies such as BMW, Toyota, Volvo and the Volkswagen Group.

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