Xiaomi currently has three self-developed chips, and can no longer complain that Xiaomi is an assembly plant

I don’t know since when, many netizens have been complaining that Xiaomi is assembled without core technology, the chip is Qualcomm, the system is Google, the memory is Samsung/Micron/SK Hynix, the CMOS chip is Samsung/Sony, the screen It’s Samsung…

And look at Huawei, Soc is its own, power management chip is also its own, and Hongmeng system, etc., have many self-developed technologies, which are too much superior to Xiaomi.

But to be honest, many mobile phone manufacturers are indeed integrating global supply chains, rather than all self-developed. Just like Apple, they only self-developed iOS systems, A-series chips, and more are integrated supply chains.

But while integrating the global supply chain, it really has to have some of its own core technology, all relying on integration, it does appear that it has no technology, so Xiaomi has also been working hard.

In 2018, Xiaomi developed the first Soc Surging S1, but this Soc was a bit too hard, and there was no sequel since then, and Surging S1 did not perform well, because it is really not easy to develop Soc. Ability is indeed a little lacking.

So by 2021, Xiaomi will no longer focus on the development of Soc, but start from a simpler, accumulating experience first released a self-developed ISP chip Surging C1. Recently, a resonant charging chip P1 was released, which means that Xiaomi currently has three self-developed chips.

At present, there are only three major manufacturers of Apple, Samsung, and Huawei that are comparable to Xiaomi. Other manufacturers do not have as many self-developed companies as Xiaomi.

More importantly, Xiaomi’s research and development is still going on. Maybe someday will launch more chips and more self-developed technologies. After all, Xiaomi’s goal is to become the world’s number one by 2024, without any core technology. It really can’t be achieved.

With 3 self-developed chips, can we still complain about Xiaomi phones just assembling them? The horror is not enough. If Xiaomi is assembled again, it is a proper double standard. After all, Apple, Huawei, and Samsung are now compared with Xiaomi, and the advantages of self-research are gradually diminishing.

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